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Definitive Guide to Effective Innovation (Collection), The

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Definitive Guide to Effective Innovation (Collection), The


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  • Copyright 2013
  • Pages: 1265
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-344857-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-344857-3

A brand new collection of state-of-the-art guides to business innovation and transformation

4 authoritative books help you infuse innovation throughout everything your business does: not just once, but constantly!

This extraordinary collection shows how to make breakthrough, high-profit innovation happen – again and again. Start with the recently updated edition of Making Innovation Work: a formal innovation process proven to help ordinary managers drive top and bottom line growth from innovation. This guidebook draws on unsurpassed innovation consulting experience, and the most thorough review of innovation research ever performed. It shows what works, what doesn’t, and how to use management tools and metrics to dramatically increase the payoff of innovation investments. You’ll learn to define the right strategy for effective innovation; structure organizations, management systems, and incentives for innovation, and much more. Next, Innovation: Fast Track to Success helps you get six key things right about innovation: planning, pipeline, process, platform, people, and performance. You’ll learn how to deeply integrate innovation throughout team structure, so you can move from buzzwords to achievement. Then, in Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business,frog design’s Luke Williams shows how to start generating (and executing on) a steady stream of disruptive strategies and unexpected solutions. Williams combines the fluid creativity of “disruptive thinking” with the analytical rigor that’s indispensable to business success. The result: a simple yet complete five-stage process for imagining a powerful market disruption, and transforming it into reality that can catch an entire industry by surprise. Finally, in the highly-anticipated Second Edition of Creating Breakthrough Products: Revealing the Secrets that Drive Global Innovation, Jonathan Cagan and Craig Vogel offer an indispensable roadmap for uncovering new opportunities, identifying what customers really value today, and building products and services that redefine (or create entirely new) markets. This edition contains brand-new chapters on service design and global innovation, new insights and best practices, and new case studies ranging from Navistar’s latest long-haul truck to P&G’s reinvention of Herbal Essence. With even more visual maps and illustrations, it’s even more intuitive, accessible, and valuable!

From world-renowned business innovation and transformation experts Tony Davila, Marc Epstein, Robert Shelton, Andy Bruce, David Birchall, Luke Williams, Jonathan Cagan, and Craig Vogel

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Making Innovation Work: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It, Updated Edition

Introduction to Updated Edition xiii

Introduction xliii

Chapter 1 Driving Success: How You Innovate Determines What You Innovate 1

Chapter 2 Mapping Innovation: What Is Innovation and

Chapter 3 Choosing Your Destiny: How to Design a Winning Innovation Strategy 59

Chapter 4 Organizing for Innovation: How to Structure a Company for Innovation 87

Chapter 5 Management Systems: Designing the Process of Innovation 119

Chapter 6 Illuminating the Pathway: How to Measure Innovation 145

Chapter 7 Rewarding Innovation: How to Design Incentives to Support Innovation 181

Chapter 8 Learning Innovation: How Do Organizations Become Better at Innovating? 211

Chapter 9 Cultivating Innovation: How to Design a Winning Culture 237

Chapter 10 Conclusion: Applying the Innovation Rules to Your Organization 263

Endnotes 289

Bibliography 307

Additions to Bibliography for Updated Edition 329

Index 333

Innovation: Fast Track to Success

The Fast Track way ix

About the authors xii

A word of thanks from the authors xiv

Innovation Fast Track xvi

How to use this book xx

Fast-Track-Me.com xxi


1 Innovation in a nutshell 5

2 Innovation audit 17


3 Fast Track top ten 33

4 Technologies 61

5 Implementing change 79


6 The first ten weeks 97

7 Leading the team 115

8 Getting to the top 139


T1 Team innovation audit 159

T2 Integrated innovation framework 165

T3 Market and competitor scanning 169

T4 Creativity techniques 177

T5 Innovation project checklist 181

The Fast Track way 187

Glossary 189

Index 199

Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business

Introduction 1

Disruptive Thinking:

The Revolution is in Full Swing

PART I: The Hypotheses, the Opportunity, and the Ideas

Chapter 1 16

Crafting a Disruptive Hypothesis:

Be Wrong at the Start, to be Right at the End

Chapter 2 38

Discovering a Disruptive Opportunity:

Explore the Least Obvious

Chapter 3 76

Generating a Disruptive Idea:

Unexpected Ideas Have Fewer Competitors

PART II: The Solution and the Pitch

Chapter 4 106

Shaping a Disruptive Solution:

Novelty for Novelty’s Sake is a Resource Killer

Chapter 5 142

Making a Disruptive Pitch:

Under Prepare the Obvious, Over Prepare the Unusual

Epilogue 171

An Instinct for Change:

Look Where No One Else is Looking

Quick Reference Guide 173

Process Summary

Endnotes 183

Index 191

Creating Breakthrough Products: Revealing the Secrets that Drive Global Innovation

Foreword by Dee Kapur xix

Acknowledgments xxi

About the Authors xxiii

Preface xxv

Glossary of Acronyms and Terms xxxv

Part One The Argument 1

Chapter 1 What Drives New Product Development 2

Chapter 2 Moving to the Upper Right 36

Chapter 3 The Upper Right: The Value Quadrant 64

Chapter 4 The Core of a Successful Brand Strategy: Breakthrough Products and Services 100

Part Two The Process 125

Chapter 5 A Comprehensive Approach to User-Centered, Integrated New Product Development 126

Chapter 6 Integrating Disciplines and Managing Diverse Teams 162

Chapter 7 Understanding the User’s Needs, Wants, and Desires 204

Part Three Further Evidence 255

Chapter 8 Service Innovation: Breakthrough Innovation on the Product–Service Ecosystem Continuum 256

Chapter 9 Case Studies: The Power of the Upper Right 282

Chapter 10 Case Studies: The Global Power of the Upper Right 318

Chapter 11 Where Are They Now? 338

Index 367


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