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Definitive Guide to Customer Relationship Management (Collection), The

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Definitive Guide to Customer Relationship Management (Collection), The

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-334609-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-334609-1

A brand new collection of powerful insights into building outstanding customer relationships… 4 pioneering books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

4 remarkable eBooks help you develop rock-solid, high-value long-term customer relationships: levels of loyalty you thought were impossible

Today, rock-solid long-term customer relationships are the holy grail of every business -- and they seem just as elusive. But such relationships are possible: great businesses are proving it every day, and reaping the rewards. In this extraordinary 4 eBook set, you'll learn how they do it -- and how you can, too, no matter what you sell or who your customers are. First, in Managing Customers for Profit: Strategies to Increase Profits and Build Loyalty, internationally respected marketing expert V. Kumar presents a complete framework for linking your investments to business value - and maximizing the lifetime value of every customer. Learn how to use Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to target customers with higher profit potential…manage and reward existing customers based on their profitability…and invest in high-profit customers to prevent attrition and ensure future profitability. Kumar introduces customer-centric approaches to allocating marketing resources…pitching the right products to the right customers at the right time…determining when a customer is likely to leave, and whether to intervene…managing multichannel shopping… even calculating referral value. Next, in Smart Retail: Practical Winning Ideas and Strategies from the Most Successful Retailers in the World, Richard Hammond presents remarkable new case studies, ideas, strategies, and tactics from great retailers worldwide. Discover new ways to use data to drive profit and growth… do more with less… leverage technology to develop highly productive and innovative remote teams… create your ultimate retail experience! In Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing, the legendary Herb Sorensen reveals what customers really do when they shop, ripping away myths and mistakes that lead retailers to miss huge opportunities. Sorensen identifies simple interventions that can have dramatic sales effects, shows why many common strategies don't work, and offers specific solutions for serving quick-trip shoppers, optimizing in-store migration patterns, improving manufacturer-retailer collaboration, even retailing to multicultural communities. Finally, in The Truth About What Customers Want, Michael R. Solomon demystifies today's consumers, revealing what they want, think, and feel. Then, based on his deep truths about consumer behavior, he presents 50 bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for finding and keeping highly profitable customers!

From world-renowned experts in customer behavior and retail performance V. Kumar, Richard Hammond, Herb Sorensen, and Michael R. Solomon

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Table of Contents

Managing Customers for Profit: Strategies to Increase Profits and Build Loyalty

Foreword     xiii

Preface     xv

Acknowledgments     xviii

About the Author     xix

Chapter 1: Introduction     1

Chapter 2: Maximizing Profitability     11

Chapter 3: Customer Selection Metrics     29

Chapter 4: Managing Customer Profitability     59

Chapter 5: Maximizing Customer Profitability     75

Chapter 6: Managing Loyalty and Profitability Simultaneously     93

Chapter 7: Optimal Allocation of Resources across Marketing and Communication Strategies     113

Chapter 8: Pitching the Right Product to the Right Customer at the Right Time     127

Chapter 9: Preventing Attrition of Customers     143

Chapter 10: Managing Multichannel Shoppers     163

Chapter 11: Linking Investments in Branding to Customer Profitability     187

Chapter 12: Acquiring Profitable Customers     205

Chapter 13: Managing Customer Referral Behavior     223

Chapter 14: Organizational and Implementation Challenges     249

Chapter 15: The Future of Customer Management     267

Index     283

Smart Retail: Practical Winning Ideas and Strategies from the Most Successful Retailers in the World

Acknowledgments     ix

Photo Acknowledgments     x

Introduction to this Edition     xi

Preface—Why retailing?      xiii

Part one: You

Starting at the beginning.

Chapter 1: What do you want for yourself?      3

Chapter 2: Rising above the crowd     9

Chapter 3: Keeping it simple     11

Chapter 4: Rolling those snowballs     15

Part two: Team

Make us happy and we will make you money.

Chapter 5: What’s the Big Idea?      25

Chapter 6: How to build great teams     35

Chapter 7: How to get people out of bed     61

Chapter 8: All we need is a little better every time     75

Part three: Customer

Make me happy and I will give you my money.

Chapter 9: We love shopping here!      91

Chapter 10: Price and value     113

Chapter 11: Promote or die     123

Chapter 12: Marketing for real people     135

Part four: Store

Make it brilliant and they will spend.

Chapter 13: Discovery!      151

Chapter 14: The great big theater of shop     167

Chapter 15: Detail, detail, detail—the store environment     179

Chapter 16: And finally...how we got here     187

Epilogue—And we’re done?      207

Appendix I: Your job and Smart Retail     209

Appendix II: Take-action time     212

Appendix III: Street time     214

Appendix IV: Books for retailers     217

Index 219

Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing

Author's Notes and Acknowledgments     xv

About the Author     xxi

Preface: Rethinking Retail     1

Introduction: Twenty Million Opportunities to Buy     5

Part I: Active Retailing     23

Chapter 1: The Quick Trip: Eighty Percent of Shopper Time Is Wasted     25

Chapter 2: Three Moments of Truth and Three Currencies     47

Chapter 3: In-Store Migration Patterns: Where Shoppers Go and What They Do     69

Chapter 4: Active Retailing: Putting Products into the Path of Shoppers     97

Chapter 5: Brands, Retailers, and Shoppers: Why the Long Tail Is Wagging the Dog     113

Part II: Going Deeper into the Shopper's Mind     131

Chapter 6: The Quick-Trip Paradox: An Interview with Unilever’s Mike Twitty     133

Chapter 7: Integrating Online and Offline Retailing: An Interview with Professors Peter Fader (The Wharton School) and Wendy Moe (University of Maryland)     147

Chapter 8: Multicultural Retailing: An Interview with Emil Morales, Executive Vice President of TNS Multicultural     161

Chapter 9: Insights into Action: A Retailer Responds: An Interview with Mark Heckman of Marsh Supermarkets     179

Part III: Conclusions     189

Chapter 10: The Internet Goes Shopping     191

Chapter 11: Game-Changing Retail: A Manifesto     199

Part IV: Appendix     205

Appendix: Views on the World of Shoppers, Retailers, and Brands     207

Index     213

The Truth About What Customers Want

Introduction      ix

Truth 1 Your customers want a relationship, not a one-night stand      1

Truth 2 Design it, and they will come      5

Truth 3 Sensory marketing–smells like profits     9

Truth 4 Pardon me, is that a breast in your Coke?     13

Truth 5 One man’s goose…     17

Truth 6 Throw ‘em a bone, and they’ll no longer roam     21

Truth 7 Stay in their minds–if you can     25

Truth 8 These are the good old days     29

Truth 9 Why ask why? Understand consumers’ motives to meet their needs     33

Truth 10 He who dies with the most toys wins     37

Truth 11 Your customers are looking for greener pastures     41

Truth 12 “Because I’m worth it”     45

Truth 13 Love me, love my avatar     49

Truth 14 You really are what you wear     53

Truth 15 Real men don’t eat quiche (but they do moisturize)     57

Truth 16 Girls just want to have fun     61

Truth 17 Queer eye for the spending guy     65

Truth 18 Yesterday’s chubby is today’s voluptuous     69

Truth 19 Men want to sleep with their cars     73

Truth 20 Your PC is trying to kill you     77

Truth 21 Birds of a feather buy together     81

Truth 22 Sell wine spritzers to squash players     85

Truth 23 They think your product sucks–but that’s not a bad thing     89

Truth 24 When to sell the steak, when to sell the sizzle     93

Truth 25 People are dumber than robots (lazier, too)     97

Truth 26 Your customers have your brand on the brain     101

Truth 27 Let their mouseclicks do the walking     105

Truth 28 Nothing shouts quality like leather from Poland     111

Truth 29 Consider investing in a drive-thru mortuary     115

Truth 30 Go to the Gemba     119

Truth 31 Your customers want to be like Mike (or someone like him)     123

Truth 32 Go tribal     127

Truth 33 People like to do their own thing–so long as it’s everyone else’s thing too     131

Truth 34 Catch a buzz     135

Truth 35 Go with the flow–get shopmobbed today     139

Truth 36 Find the market maven, and the rest is gravy     143

Truth 37 Hundreds of housewives can predict your company’s future     147

Truth 38 Know who wears the pants in the family     149

Truth 39 Youth is wasted on the young     153

Truth 40 Make millions on Millennials     157

Truth 41 Grownups don’t grow up anymore     161

Truth 42 Dollar stores make good cents     165

Truth 43 The rich are different     169

Truth 44 Out with the ketchup, in with the salsa     173

Truth 45 Look for fly-fishing born-again environmentalist jazz-loving Harry Potter freaks     177

Truth 46 Ronald McDonald is related to Luke Skywalker     181

Truth 47 Sign a caveman to endorse your product     185

Truth 48 Make your brand a fortress brand–and make mine a Guinness     189

Truth 49 Turn a (pet) rock into gold     193

Truth 50 Think globally, act locally     197

References      201

About the Author     209


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