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Decide and Conquer: The Ultimate Guide for Improving Your Decision Making, 2nd Edition

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Decide and Conquer: The Ultimate Guide for Improving Your Decision Making, 2nd Edition


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The #1 no-nonsense, plain-English guide to making better decisions – now fully updated with the newest research and techniques! 

  • Why your instincts and experiences can lead you astray – and what to do about it
  • How to avoid decision-making mistakes virtually everyone makes
  • Easy ways to focus your decision-making on what really matters
  • Includes new coverage of overcoming key biases, accounting for gendered decision-making styles, and knowing when to do nothing
  • By Dr. Stephen Robbins, author of the world's #1 texts on management and organizational behavior


  • Copyright 2015
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 224
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-396673-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-396673-2

Make better decisions – every day, everywhere! Decide and Conquer, Second Editionbrings together all the practical skills you need to do just that. This quick, concise book identifies every key obstacle to quality decision-making and shows exactly how to overcome them. You'll discover how your personality impacts your decision-making, why instincts and experience can lead you astray, how to simplify complex decisions without oversimplifying them and much more.

Renowned management author Dr. Stephen P. Robbins translates cutting-edge research findings about human behavior and decision-making into language anyone can understand – and act upon. In this Second Edition, he provides many new and updated examples, updated research, and new coverage, including these crucial new topics:

  • Are you a Maximizer or a Satisficer – and what it means for your decision-making
  • Overcoming the familiarity bias, adaptation bias, and fear-of-loss bias
  • How to stop throwing good money after bad
  • Knowing when doing nothing is your best option
  • Accounting for gendered decision-making styles

Decide and Conquer, Second Editioncovers everything from goal-setting and risk-taking to overconfidence to procrastination, and offers indispensable insights for overcoming the multiple biases that are built into all human decision-makers. You'll use Robbins' powerful techniques to improve every decision you make – about your relationships, career, finances, everything!

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Decision Making Shapes Your Life

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Table of Contents

Part I:  Introduction     1

Chapter 1: Decision Making Shapes Your Life     3
Chapter 2: The Search for Rationality     7
Chapter 3: Why It’s Hard to Be Rational     11

Part II:  How Do You Make Decisions?     17

Chapter 4: What’s Your Decision Style?     19
Chapter 5: Are You a Risk-Taker?     23
Chapter 6: Are You a Maximizer or Satisficer?     27
Chapter 7: Who Controls Your Destiny?     29
Chapter 8: Do You Procrastinate?     33
Chapter 9: Are You Impulsive?     35
Chapter 10: Can You Control Your Emotions?     39
Chapter 11: Are You Overconfident?     43
Chapter 12: Understanding Your Personality Profile     45

Part III:  Common Biases and Errors That Most of Us Make (and How to Overcome Them)     49

Chapter 13: How Can You Be So Darn Sure About That? Coping with Overconfidence     51
Chapter 14: Never Do Today That Which You Can Do Tomorrow: The Inertia Bias     55
Chapter 15: I Want It, and I Want It NOW! The Immediate Gratification Bias     59
Chapter 16: Where You End Up Depends on Where You Start: The Anchoring Effect     63
Chapter 17: I’ll See It When I Believe It: The Selective Perception Bias      67
Chapter 18: I Hear What I Want to Hear: The Confirmation Bias     71
Chapter 19: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? The Framing Bias     75
Chapter 20: What Have You Done for Me Lately? The Availability Bias     79
Chapter 21: Looks Can Be Deceiving: The Representation Bias     83
Chapter 22: Seeing Patterns That Aren’t There: Coping with Randomness     87
Chapter 23: I Only Like Change That Jingles in My Pocket: The Familiarity Bias     91
Chapter 24: Gone Is Not Always Forgotten: Understanding Sunk Costs     95
Chapter 25: Keep It Simple: The Limited Search Error     99
Chapter 26: Losing Your Head in the Heat of Battle: The Emotional Involvement Error     103
Chapter 27: Who You Gonna Blame? The Self-Serving Bias     107
Chapter 28: Novelty Wears Off: The Adaptation Bias    111
Chapter 29: I Knew It All the Time: The Hindsight Bias    115

Part IV:  Advice Your Mother Never Gave You    119

Chapter 30: Clear Goals and Preferences Make Choosing a Lot Easier     121
Chapter 31: Sometimes Doing Nothing Is Your Best Option     125
Chapter 32: Choosing Not to Decide Is Still a Decision     129
Chapter 33: Decisions Are Not Made in Isolation     133
Chapter 34: All Decisions Aren’t Important     137
Chapter 35: More Information Isn’t Necessarily Better     141
Chapter 36: You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing     145
Chapter 37: Don’t Rehash Past Decisions     149
Chapter 38: Successful People Take Risks     153
Chapter 39: It’s Okay to Make Mistakes, or No One Has an Undefeated Season     157
Chapter 40: Experience Can Improve Decisions, But     161
Chapter 41: Where You’re from Influences How You Decide     165

Part V:  An Epilogue     169

Chapter 42: Summary, or Why Ignorance Isn’t Bliss     171

Endnotes     177

Index     199


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