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DB2 Universal Database V8 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration Certification Guide, 5th Edition

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DB2 Universal Database V8 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration Certification Guide, 5th Edition

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  • NEW - Comprehensive coverage of the latest enhancements to DB2 UDB Version 8, including improvements to manageability, serviceability, reliability, availability, and performance.
    • Ensures that students fully understand the latest tools and features built into DB2 UDB Version 8, so that they can make the most of IBM's flagship database product.

  • NEW - Accompanying CD-ROM with complete trial version of DB2 UDB V8 Personal Edition, plus bonus study questions for IBM's new DB2 certification exams 512 and 513.
    • Gives students complete software resources and realistic practice with exam questions designed to closely match the content and approach of IBM's newest DB2 certification exams.

  • Comprehensive coverage—Covers every IBM DB2 Exam 70-512 and 513 objective, including database design; basic programming; administration; Internet database applications; optimization; migration, and more.
    • Offers students a single source for all the information they need both to prepare for their IBM DB2 certification exams and to succeed in real-world DB2 administration and development.

  • Insider's tips, straight from IBM—Brings together hundreds of expert ideas, many never-before-published, for maximizing database performance, availability, and efficiency.
    • Gives students direct access to IBM's leading DB2 experts through tips and techniques developed by IBM in consultation with key DB2 customers.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 5th
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-046361-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-046361-6

DB2 Universal Database v8 builds on the world's #1 enterprise database to simplify anytime/anywhere information integration, streamline management, automate resource tuning,enhance business intelligence, and maximize performance, scalability, and reliability.

Now, IBM offers complete, start-to-finish coverage of DB2 Universal Database v8 administration and development for UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms... and authoritative preparation for IBM's newest DB2 certification exam.

This definitive reference and self-study guide covers every aspect of deploying and managing DB2 Universal Database v8, including best practices for DB2 database design and development; day-to-day administration and backup; expert techniques for deploying networked, Internet-centered, and XML-based database applications; migrating to DB2 UDB v8; and much more.You'll also find an unparalleled collection of IBM tips and tricks for maximizing the performance, availability, and value of any database system. Coverage includes:

  • Manageability and serviceability enhancements, including new tools for storagemanagement and monitoring database health
  • Performance improvement withmultidimensional clustering, enhanced prefetching, threading of Java UDFs and storedprocedures, and materialized query tables
  • New Setup wizards, configuration assistants, GUItools, and DB2 Administration Server (DAS) improvements
  • Availability andscalability enhancements
  • New DB2 v8 Replication and Data Warehouse Centers
  • Major improvements for developers, including SQL, XML, JDBC, and CLIenhancements

Whether you're a DBA, a developer, a DB2 certification candidate, or all three, DB2Universal Database v8 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database AdministrationCertification Guide is the one book you can't afford to be without.

  • Straight from IBM, the ultimate guide to running DB2 v8 and preparing for IBM's latest DB2certification exam!
  • In-depth coverage of DB2 v8 database administration and development
  • Covers new DB2 v8 enhancements in manageability, serviceability, reliability, availability, and performance
  • Contains in-depth coverage of new DB2 v8 tools, including the Replication, Data Warehouse, and Development Centers
  • Presents expert tips and best practices from IBM's own DB2 customer support organization
About the CD

The CD-ROM included with this book contains a complete trial version of DB2 UDB V8Personal Edition, plus the DB2DEMO program to help explore the many features of DB2.

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Getting Connected: DB2 Universal Database V8 Database Administration Certification

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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter ends with a Summary.)


1. Product Overview.

DB2 and e-business. DB2 and Linux. DB2 Universal Database. DE2 Connectivity. DB2 Application Development. DB2 Administration.

2. Getting Started.

Product Installation. The DB2 Environment. The DB2 Instance. Instance Administration.

3. Getting Connected.

DB2Client Overview. Roadmap to Distributed Communications. Configuring DB2 Clients. Manually cataloging the DB2 Directories. Binding Utilities.

4. Controlling Data Access.

Security. Auditing.


5. Database Objects.

Understanding Database Objects. Managing Database Objects. Database Design and Implementation.

6. Manipulating Database Objects.

Data Retrieval. Data Modification. View Classification.

7. Advanced SQL.

Triggers, Recursive SQL. Outer Join. OLAP Features. Advanced CASE Expressions. Structured Types and Typed Tables. Summary of Tables. Sequences. Advanced Functions.

8. Concurrency.

Concurrency. Isolation Levels. Locking.


9. Data Storage Management.

Processor, memory, and Disk Resources. DB2 Storage Model. Table Space Design. Implementation Examples. Table Space Maintenance.

10. Maintaining Data.

Moving Data. Data Movement Utilities. Data Maintenance. Data Maintenance Process.

11. Database Recovery.

Database Recovery Concepts. Types of Recovery. Recovery Strategies. Use of Log Files.

12. Monitoring and Tuning.

Elements of Performance. DB2 Architecture Overview. DB2 Sorting Methods. Monitoring the DB2 System. Database Monitoring. SQL Monitoring. Performance Tuning Scenario. Diagnostics and Problem Determination.


13. Application Development Overview.

DB2 Application Development Environment. DB2 Programming Interfaces.

14. Development Considerations.

Embedded SQL Overview. Supporting CLI and ODBC Programming. Support for Java Programming. DB2 Development center.

15. Development SQL.

User-Defined Functions. Structured Datatypes. Schemas and Aliases. COMMIT and ROLLBACK. SQL Procedural Language.


Test Objectives. Product CD and DB2DEMO Program.
Appendix A. DB2 UDB V. Certification Test Objectives.

DB2 UDB Certification. DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals (700). DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration (701). DB2 for Linux, UNIX< and Windows Advanced DBA (704).

Appendix B. CD-ROM Installation.

DB2 Installation. Documentation. DB2DEMO.



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