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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 232
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-186390-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-186390-3

This book explains how to architect and deploy high availability (HA) solutions with Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) in a Sun™ Cluster 3.x environment. It presents information to help you decide when an Oracle RAC and Sun Cluster software solution is appropriate to satisfy the availability requirements of your business. In addition, this book explains the technology behind these products, describes successful customer deployments, and provides technical tips and preferred practice recommendations.

This book features detailed case studies, including 

  • A large German bank that has implemented an Oracle RAC and Sun
  • Cluster software solution to meet the ever-increasing business demands of the banking industry.
  • One of the largest companies in Europe for alpine skiing that has implemented Oracle RAC and Sun Cluster software to support HA requirements in a consolidated environment.
  • A benchmark case that describes the use of Oracle RAC with Sun’s
  • Remote Shared Memory (RSM) technology to improve the performance of single-instance databases.
  • A large financial institution that uses Sun Cluster’s HA Oracle agent to provide the necessary level of HA required for their database.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iii

Preface xiii

Chapter 1: Understanding High Availability for Databases 1

Assessing the Criticality of a Solution 2

Assessing High Availability Requirements for Databases 6

Choosing the Correct Configuration to Support HA Requirements 11

Protecting Data–Beyond Application Availability 15

Preparing for Disasters–Business Continuity Management 20

Chapter 2: Understanding the Benefits of Implementing Oracle RAC on Sun Cluster Software 23

Using Oracle on the Solaris Operating System 24

Understanding the Value of Oracle and Sun Mature Technologies 28

Understanding the Robustness of Sun Cluster Software 28

Understanding Options for Accessing Memory Remotely 33

Understanding Options for Storing Data 35

Supporting Enterprise Continuity Solutions 37

Looking at the Future of Oracle and Sun Cluster 42

Chapter 3: Understanding the Oracle RAC Architecture and Sun Cluster Software Internals 43

Designing a Hardware Architecture to Support High Availability 44

Using an Operating System That Supports High Availability 51

Examining Sun Cluster Software Internals 54

Understanding the Interaction of Sun Cluster Packages for OPS/RAC 70

Examining Oracle RAC Functionality 78

Chapter 4: Applying Preferred Practices to Oracle RAC and Sun Cluster Implementations 91

Installing Oracle RAC in a Sun Cluster 3.x Environment 91

Understanding Oracle Data Configuration 101

Configuring Data for Oracle RAC 109

Configuring Archive Log Locations 116

Understanding Client Connections 125

Managing Client Connections in Oracle 9i RAC 129

Tuning Sun Cluster 3.x Software for Oracle RAC 133

Chapter 5: Examining High Availability Real-World Implementations 141

Analyzing Real-World Customer Solutions 142

Providing High Availability Services in the Banking Sector 144

Supporting the Seasonal HA Requirements of the Resort Industry 153

Improving Performance With Oracle RAC and Sun’s Remote Shared Memory 159

Addressing HA With an HA Oracle Agent in a Consolidated Environment 161

Appendix A: History of Oracle’s Parallel Database Technology 165

Sun Cluster 2.x and Oracle OPS 166

Cluster Architectures and Oracle Parallel Server Technology 175

Oracle’s Cache Coherency Protocol 178

The Famous Ping 178

Always in Turn Please–Enqueues 180

Oracle 9i: Cache Fusion II–All Fusion? 182

Appendix B: Sample Service Level Agreement 183

Service Levels 185

Appendix C: Examples of the scsetup Utility 187

Setting Up the Oracle RAC Framework Resource Group 187

Registering a VxVM Diskgroup in the Cluster With the scsetup Utility 190

Registering VxVM Volumes With the scsetup Utility 192


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