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Creating Graphics with Sketch: Learn by Video

Creating Graphics with Sketch: Learn by Video

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  • Copyright 2015
  • Dimensions: 5-3/8" x 8-1/4"
  • Edition: 1st
  • DVD
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-399293-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-399293-9

Learn to use Bohemian Coding’s Sketch 3 for all of your interface design work with this 2-hour comprehensive beginner’s guide to the app that more and more interface designers are choosing as an alternative to Photoshop.

In this 2-hour video tutorial, you get a complete introduction to using this lean, yet powerful new program. Amar Sagoo, a senior interaction designer at Google and avid Sketch user, starts by walking you through the Sketch interface and explaining the tools and what they do. He goes on to show you how to set up and organize your projects; position, size, and style your graphics; create shapes; import work; edit bitmaps; export graphics; and more. You can download project files to follow along with the exercises and reinforce what you’ve learned.

Even if you have no prior experience designing with Sketch, after working through this step-by-step video tutorial, you will have the skills and confidence you need to use Sketch 3 for creating all of your online graphics.
The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows you to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The unique “Watch and Work” mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow you to work alongside in Sketch 3 as you view the video. Project files used in the lessons are included on the disc so you can practice what you’ve learned. At the end of every lesson, you can test your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes.
Duration: 2 HR
User Level: Beginning/Intermediate
Closed-Captioning in English
System Requirements:
Mac: OS X 10.6 or higher, 2GHz processor or higher, 4GB RAM or higher, 1GB free HD space
Hardware: DVD-ROM drive

Please Note:
• This DVD-ROM can be viewed on your computer, but it will NOT play in a DVD movie player.
• This course uses pop-ups; please enable pop-ups in your browser. For more information on how to enable pop-ups, please see our Learn By Video FAQ page at http://www.peachpit.com/LBVFAQ

Sample Content

Table of Contents


Sketch Basics

How Sketch works: vectors versus bitmaps

The Sketch user interface (UI)

Creating content

Selecting content

Moving, resizing, reordering, duplicating, and deleting layers

Zooming and panning

Styling basics

Viewing pixels and using a Retina display


Organizing Your Drawing



Naming objects

Locking and hiding content

Tips for selecting content


More on positioning and sizing


Moving and resizing using the keyboard

Tips for changing values in the inspector

Scaling proportionately

Smart guides and measuring

Alignment and distribution

Making grids of objects

Ensuring sharp edges by fitting to pixels

Manual alignment guides

Grids and layouts


More on using the Color panel

Opacity and blending

Gradients and advanced fills

More on borders and lines


Text styling

Blurring and reflections

Replicating styling

Reusing styling and content

Reusable styles for shapes

Reusable text styling

Reusing content with symbols

Creating your own shapes

Creating your own shapes using paths

Advanced options and shortcuts for drawing paths

Joining paths, editing segments, and varying stroke width

Rotating, flipping, skewing, and perspective distortion

Combining shapes

Vectorizing stroke and text

Creating rotated copies

Text on a path

Working with bitmaps

Adding bitmaps

Editing bitmap content

Styling and adjusting bitmaps


Masking bitmaps with flexible proportions

Converting between vectors and bitmaps

Nine-slice images



Exporting artboards

Exporting layers and groups

Exporting arbitrary regions with slices

Export options

More export options

Drag & drop export

Copying CSS attributes


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