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CompTIA Security+ SYO-301 Cert Guide with MyITCertificationlab Bundle, 2nd Edition

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CompTIA Security+ SYO-301 Cert Guide with MyITCertificationlab Bundle, 2nd Edition


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myITcertificationlabs offers students and instructors...

Assessment and Training Content Matches Your Textbook

With MyITCertificationLab, you instructors can test and train students on entire projects just like in your textbook or you can break down assignments into individual skills MyITCertificationLab’s outcomes-based training is self-paced and adaptable to each student’s skill level.

Students no longer have to re-train on skills they already know. They can apply and prove their skills, ask for a hint, or watch a video demonstration.

Customized Study Plans In MyITCertificationLab you have the option of combining exams and training into complete, customized Study Plans. You select the path and how your students will proceed. For example you can assign a Pre-Test that leads to Training only on the activities a student missed, then on to a Post-Test. eText MyITCertificationLab includes a complete eText that allows students to highlight, search, and take notes as they read online. This eTest platform also allows students and teacher to interact inside the text of the eText to allow a deeper level of teacher student interaction.

Also available on the iPad and Android! Click here to access your Pearson eText app for the iPad and Android.

Advanced Reporting

MyITCertificationLab's advanced reporting capabilities, including detailed student click-stream data, let you see exactly what actions your students completed click-by-click, for true defensible grading.

In addition, you can run a number of activity reports for single or multiple students, assignments, and sections. You can even run frequency analysis reports, Study Plan reports, and create certificates of completion.

All reports can be customized, exported, and saved to My Reports for easy access.

Full-Functioning Gradebook

A full-functioning gradebook will let you manage all of your course grades in one place. Import/export from popular learning management systems, manipulate and modify individual student grades, and even calculate final grades.

Powerful Administration Powerful program administrator features allow you to create and manage course templates and course sections, and to manage users, including students. You can also assign permissions to instructors and teaching assistants (or adjuncts), allowing them just the control they need. Built in Communication

MyITCertification Lab offers a complete email and announcement functionality so you can communicate with just one student, a specific section or your entire course roster.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

Instructors and students can collaborate via online chat, voice chat, video conferencing, and application sharing


  • Copyright 2012
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 800
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-293970-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-293970-6

MyITCertificationlabs should be used in an instructor led classroom environment and are not intended for individual self-study

This is a bundle that includes Pearsons CompTIA Security + Certification Guide along with our myitcertificationlab.

What Is myITcertificationlabs?

myITcertificationlabs is an easy-to-use exam preparation service that accesses student readiness and then provides a personalized study plan that provides exactly what each students needs to know to pass you’re their next certification exam. The web-based service has a comprehensive database of hundreds of exam questions that are used to assess student knowledge, provide feedback on areas that require further study, and allow for robust practice experiences to improve class performance and certification exam results.

The MyLab environment allows instructors to interact with students, communicating learning goals, scheduling projects, and assessing each individual student for areas of competence and need.


This product includes 1000 review and diagnostic questins and 4 hours of video.


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