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Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities

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Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Pages: 380
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-48891-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-48891-6

What's the point of creating a great Web site if no one goes there-or worse, if people come but never return? How do some sites, such as America Online, EBay, and GeoCities, develop into Internet communities with loyal followings and regular repeat traffic? How can Web page designers and developers create sites that are vibrant and rewarding?

Amy Jo Kim, author of Community Building on the Web and consultant to some of the most successful Internet communities, is an expert at teaching how to design sites that succeed by making new visitors feel welcome, rewarding member participation, and building a sense of their own history. She discusses important design strategies, interviews influential Web community-builders, and provides the reader with templates and questionnaires to use in building their own communities.

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Table of Contents


Building a Successful Community. Case Study: The Planning Exercise in Action. Articulate Your Vision.

2. PLACES: Bringing People Together.

People Are Talking. Mapping the Territory. Zoned For Growth.

3. PROFILES: Getting to Know Your Members.

Why Profiles?. Your Member Database. Creating a Persona. Evolving a Social Identity.

4. ROLES: From Newcomer to Old-Timer.

The Membership Life Cycle. Welcome Your Visitors. Instruct Your Novices. Reward Your Regulars. Empower Your Leaders. Honor Your Elders.

5. LEADERSHIP: The Buck Stops Here.

What's a Leader?. Unofficial Leaders. Official Leaders. Case Study: Power to the People: The Slashdot Moderator System.. Manage Your Leaders.

6. ETIQUETTE: Rules to Live By.

Develop Your Ground Rules. Enforce Your Policies. Evolve Your Rules.

7. EVENTS: Meetings, Performances and Competitions.

Event Planning 101. Meetings: Bringing Groups Together. Performances: Up on Stage. Competitions: Members in the Spotlight.

8. RITUALS: Handshakes, Holidays, and Rites of Passage.

The Power of Ritual. Personal Acknowledgments. Community Holidays. Passages and Transitions.

Chapter 9. SUBGROUPS: Clans, Clubs and Committees.

Why Subgroups?. Setting the Stage. Developing Your Official Program.




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