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C# for Web Programming

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C# for Web Programming


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: K
  • Pages: 496
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-066117-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-066117-3

Jump into the future of Web application programming with C#!

  • Make the most of C#'s key Web development capabilities—step by step
  • Effective Web application design, static and dynamic control properties, Web input/output processing, and much more.
  • Includes extensive sample code and a complete application case study

C# is a radical new object-oriented programming language that combines the power and flexibility of C++ with the ease of Visual Basic. Embracing HTML and XML, and ready to use existing code modules, C# dramatically cuts the development time to build highly portable, communications-friendly applications. C# is the natural choice for building applications for the Web, and C# for Web Programming gives you all the background you need to get started in this exciting Web application programming environment.

Using their classroom-proven techniques, pioneering C# instructors Chris H. Pappas and William H. Murray teach the fundamentals of C# and Visual Studio.NET, then focus on its Web application development features. Complete working code examples demonstrate the key features of C# and demonstrate a variety of programming strategies. C# for Web Programming concentrates on the Web aspects of C#, offering readers the quickest and easiest way to learn to build professional applications for the Web.

  • C# Web essentials taught using Pappas and Murray's classroom-proven techniques
  • Complete, working code examples walk you through concepts in action
  • Get the edge with rapid, flexible applications development for the Web!
  • Learn to build simple to complex Web applications by example

Programmers with basic familiarity in C or C++ will find C# for Web Programming the best, quickest, and easiest way to learn C# development for the Web.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Processing Web Form Output in C#

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary.).


1. The Journey to C#.

It All Began with Algol. From C to C++ and Object-Oriented Programming. Fun with Visual Basic. Onto the Internet. HTML Ancestry. C#-Another Pyramid Scheme? C# Introduction and Overview.

2. C# Essentials.

Visual Studio.NET and C#. Unique C#. A Quick Overview. Getting the “Big Picture”. Important Data, Identifiers, and Keywords. C# Programming Elements.

3. C# and Visual Studio.NET.

Why Use C# for Web Projects? The C# Language and Web Applications. Starting Visual Studio.NET. Programming Based on Events. The Visual Studio Tools for C#. Standard Controls. Control Properties. Creating Good User Interfaces. Adding Code. Executing a Program.

4. Static Control Properties.

Properties Window Details. Property Details. Changing Properties.

5. Dynamic Control Properties.

Coding Controls. Properties Plus Code. Event Handlers. Dynamically Modifying Control Properties. Another Pass at the Tip Calculator.

6. Events.

A Quick Review of Event Handlers. Events. Event Nuances.

7. Processing Web Form Input.

Web Controls for Input. HTML Server Controls.

8. Processing Web Form Output.

Send It Out. Send It Out-In a List.

9. GDI Graphics Design Fundamentals.

The System.Drawing Namespace. System.Drawing.Drawing2D Namespace. The Graphics Class for C#. Coordinate System. Drawing Surfaces. Graphics Properties. Graphics Drawing Primitives. A Web Project with GDI+ Output.

10. Presentation Graphics.

A BarChart Project. BarChart Project Code. Drawing Unique Bar Charts.

11. Numeric Applications and Conversions.

Base Change Calculator. Prime Number Counter. Trigonometric Table. Finding Number of Days in a Month. Time of Day. Statistics. Sort. Depreciation of an Asset. Payment on a Loan.

12. Web Services.

Methods, Libraries, and Web Services. A “HelloWorld” Web Service. A Conversion Web Service.




This is a book designed for you, the Web programmer, who has an operating knowledge of C/C++. If you have developed Web applications in any other language and want to learn how it is done in C#, then this book is for you!

The book's purpose is to introduce you to the key elements of the C# language in the context of developing Web applications with this language. The book quickly examines the key features of C# then moves you into the world of Web application development. You will learn programming strategies for Web development that will make writing code in C# that much easier.

This book teaches by example. We have tried to include all of the important features common to most Web applications in this book. The examples include all of the programming code--not just parts of it. For experienced programmers this might seem like overkill, but life has taught us that a full program listing can help explain even the most difficult programming concept.

C# appears to be taking a 180-degree turn from the traditional C++ with MFC programming so familiar to Windows programmers. While the language is most definitely C-like, the interface is not the traditional SDK. Instead, it is more closely associated with Visual Basic language because of its use of forms, controls, and so on. You are going to love this environment!

This book will highlight the radical departure of C# Web application development from other languages. Programmers retain C/C++ elements with C#, but use an easier drag-and-drop design. This single revision may revolutionize Web application design.

Get ready, and get excited--Web application development has never been easier!

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