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C++ Solutions: Companion to the C++ Programming Language, 3rd Edition

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C++ Solutions: Companion to the C++ Programming Language, 3rd Edition


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  • Copyright 1998
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8x9-1/4
  • Pages: 304
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-30965-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-30965-2

C++ Solutions provides insightful, logical, and easy-to-follow solutions to selected exercises found in The C++ Programming Language, Third Edition, by Bjarne Stroustrup. The exercises are explained in detail and are extensively annotated with cross-references to Stroustrup's book.

Developers acquire a thorough understanding of ANSI/ISO C++ by working through examples. Vandevoorde solves a broad subset of illustrative and realistic exercises to facilitate this process. He also includes hints to help programmers find their own solutions, and additional exercises to provide deeper insights into modern software design.


  • In-depth coverage of C++ language concepts, syntax, and features for each chapter
  • Numerous detailed examples that build intuition about performance issues
  • Adherence to the final ANSI/ISO C++ specifications
  • Sample code and programs available on-line



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Table of Contents


1. Introduction.

Overall Organization.

Short Guide to the Exercises.


2. C++ Concepts.

Language versus Implementation.


Names, Declarations, and Scopes.

Objects, Types, References, and Functions.

Lvalue and Rvalue Expressions.

Initialization versus Assignment.

Declaration Syntax.


Operator Precedence.

3. C++ Evolution and Compatibility.

Standard Headers.


The bool Type.

Alternative Tokens.


Template Instantiation.

4. Types and Declarations.

5. Pointers, Arrays, and Structures.

6. Expressions and Statements.

7. Functions.

8. Namespaces and Exceptions.

9. Source Files and Programs.

10. Classes.

11. Operator Overloading.

12. Derived Classes.

13. Templates.

14. Exceptions.

15. Class Hierarchies.

16. Library Organization and Containers.

17. Standard Containers.

18. Algorithms and Function Objects.

19. Iterators and Allocators.

20. Strings.

21. Streams.

22. Numerics.

23. Development and Design.

24. Design and Programming.

25. Roles of Classes.

Index. 0201309653T04062001


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