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C How to Program, 4th Edition

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C How to Program, 4th Edition

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  • 300 page introduction to C++.
    • Brings students up-to-date with material from the recently revised C++ How to Program, 4/E—assuming only the C material as a prerequisite.

  • Updated introduction to Java and programming GUIs.
    • Familiarizes students with content from the recently revised Java™ How to Program, 5/E assuming only the C material as a prerequisite.

  • A standalone appendix on the latest C standard—C99—Contains several LIVE-CODE™ examples demonstrating the powerful new capabilities of C99.
    • Motivates the rational for C99 and highlights key differences between C99 and the version of standard C presented in Chapters 2-14.

  • Use of a pseudocode approach to structured program development.
  • Deitel™ signature LIVE-CODE™ Approach.
    • Students learn programming by working through and “doing” many examples. This process reinforces and solidifies important programming concepts and fundamentals.

  • Hundreds of complete working programs—And thousands of lines of code.
    • Students gain experience in program and code implementation and execution. Through this hands—on experience they gain a better understanding of various concepts and fundamentals.

  • Valuable programming tips.
    • Offers students practical advice and suggestions to enhance and accelerate their learning.

  • Extensive set of interesting exercises and substantial projects.
    • Gives students the opportunity to review, extend, and apply their understanding of key concepts throughout the text.


  • Copyright 2004
  • Edition: 4th
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-142644-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-142644-3

Highly practical in approach, this book introduces learners to the fundamental notions of structured programming and software engineering. KEY TOPICS It covers the full C language, key library functions, object-oriented programming in C++ and Java, and event-driven GUI programming in Java. MARKET: For individuals begin their mastery of C Programming.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

 1. Introduction to Computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web.


 2. Introduction to C Programming.
 3. Structured Program Development in C.
 4. C Program Control.
 5. C Functions.
 6. C Arrays.
 7. C Pointers.
 8. C Characters and Strings.
 9. C Formatted Input/Output.
10. C Structures, Unions, Bit Manipulations and Enumerations.
11. C File Processing.
12. C Data Structures.
13. C Preprocessor.
14. Advanced C Topics.


15. C++ as a “Better C.”
16. C++ Classes and Data Abstraction.
17. C++ Classes: Part 2.
18. C++ Operator Overloading.
19. C++ Inheritance.
20. C++ Virtual Functions and Polymorphism.
21. C++ Stream Input/Output.
22. C++ Templates.
23. C++ Exception Handling.


24. Introduction to Java Applications and Applets.
25. Beyond C & C++: Operators, Methods & Arrays in Java.
26. Java Object-Based Programming.
27. Java Object-Oriented Programming.
28. Java Graphics and Java2D.
29. Java Graphical User Interface Components.
30. Java Multimedia: Images, Animation Audio and Video.


A. Internet and Web Resources.
B. Introduction to C99.
C. C99 Internet and Web Resources.
D. Operator Precedence Charts.
E. ASCII Character Set.
F. Number Systems.


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