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The Business Model Book: Design, build and adapt business ideas that drive business growth

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The Business Model Book: Design, build and adapt business ideas that drive business growth


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  • Copyright 2018
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  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 1-292-13570-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-292-13570-0

Business models are the beating heart of your firm's value proposition.

Great business models drive rapid growth; bad business models can doom the most promising ventures. The Business Model Book clearly shows you how to create, test, adapt and innovate successful business models for any company in any situation.

Every company has a business model. When the business model works, the company creates value. The Business Model Book combines the latest research, straightforward tools and current examples to bring this surprisingly tricky topic to life. Your company changes over time, and so should your business model.

·    Understand how and why business models matter to your organisations success.

·    Be able to apply business model thinking to a specific company and a specific situation.

·    Learn how to evaluate and test business models to identify the most appropriate model.

·    Use a set of practical tools to adapt and innovate business models.

It does not matter what you think you know about business models.

It is time to design, build and adapt business ideas that thrive.

Clever, innovative, and simple -- a must read workbook for entrepreneurs!” 

Charles CHEN Yidan, Co-Founder, Tencent Holdings.


“Buy it. Read it. Most importantly, use it!” 

John Mullins, London Business School, Author of The Customer-Funded Business and The New Business Road Test.

“This may well turn out to be your scrapbook for business models. An excellent resource that will get your ideas flowing!” 

Shane Corstorphine, VP, Regional Growth (Global Regions) and General Manager (Americas), Skyscanner.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


How to use this book

Part 1: The truth about business models

1. Business models in practice

2. A brief history of business models

3. There are no magic bullets

Part 2: Business model architecture

4. Looking at your raw materials

5. Collecting and connecting your stakeholders - Customers, users, suppliers, purchasers,  competitors

6. Solid structure - creating and capturing value in business models

7. Crafting compelling stories- the power of business model narratives

8. The business model life cycle

·    First steps for entrepreneurs

·    Lean education for start-ups

·    Coherent storytelling for growing up

·    Rejuvenating mature firms

Part 3: Business model change and innovation

9. When business models fail

10.   Change and adaptation, Innovation and disruption

11.   Back to the beginning

Resources developed throughout the book:

- 25 brilliant business model tips

- 12 brilliant examples to highlight specific business model elements, designs, or innovations.

- Links to online resources, including free online business model design sites; Links to short third-party videos covering specific business model topics


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