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Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management: A Framework for Implementing Analytics and Turning Information Into Intelligence

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Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management: A Framework for Implementing Analytics and Turning Information Into Intelligence


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The complete roadmap for leveraging Big Data and analytics to drive new competitive advantage from your supply chain. 

  • Overcome the five leading obstacles for fully deploying big data in supply chains
  • Focus your Big Data strategy, coordinate Big Data usage at all levels of your supply chain, and make the right choices to drive competitive advantage
  • Capitalize on the massive quantities of data your global supply chain already generates
  • Go beyond "islands of excellence" to optimize your entire supply chain system
  • Learn from the experts: analytics-driven companies such as Amazon, Dell, Wal-Mart, and UPS


  • Copyright 2014
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-380128-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-380128-6

Master a complete, five-step roadmap for leveraging Big Data and analytics to gain unprecedented competitive advantage from your supply chain. Using Big Data, pioneers such as Amazon, UPS, and Wal-Mart are gaining unprecedented mastery over their supply chains. They are achieving greater visibility into inventory levels, order fulfillment rates, material and product delivery… using predictive data analytics to match supply with demand; leveraging new planning strengths to optimize their sales channel strategies; optimizing supply chain strategy and competitive priorities; even launching powerful new ventures. Despite these opportunities, many supply chain operations are gaining limited or no value from Big Data. In Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management, Nada Sanders presents a systematic five-step framework for using Big Data in supply chains. You'll learn best practices for segmenting and analyzing customers, defining competitive priorities for each segment, aligning functions behind strategy, dissolving organizational boundaries to sense demand and make better decisions, and choose the right metrics to support all of this. Using these techniques, you can overcome the widespread obstacles to making the most of Big Data in your supply chain — and earn big profits from the data you're already generating. For all executives, managers, and analysts interested in using Big Data technologies to improve supply chain performance.

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Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management: A Game Changer

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1  A Game Changer     3
   1.1 Big Data Basics     5
   1.2 What Is Different?     10
   1.3 What Does It Mean?     13
   1.4 Transformations     18
   1.5 Data-Driven Supply Chains     21
Chapter 2  Transforming Supply Chains     23
   2.1 Across the Entire Supply Chain     24
   2.2 The Supply Chain System     25
   2.3 From Sourcing to Sales     30
   2.4 Coordinated and Integrated     36
   2.5 The Intelligent Supply Chain     37
Chapter 3 Barriers to Implementation     43
   3.1 Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?     43
   3.2 The Barriers     46
   3.3 Breaking Ahead of the Pack     56

Chapter 4  Impact on “Sell”     61
   4.1 Driving the Supply Chain     62
   4.2 All About the Customer     69
   4.3 Price Optimization     75
   4.4 Merchandising     77
   4.5 Location-Based Marketing     78
   4.6 The Whole Bundle     81
Chapter 5  Impact on “Make”     85
   5.1 Making the Things We Sell     86
   5.2 Product Design and Innovation     93
   5.3 Improving the Production Process     98
   5.4 The Digital Factory     103
   5.5 Make Connects the Value Chain     106
Chapter 6  Impact on “Move”     109
   6.1 Moving the Things We Sell     110
   6.2 How Big Data Impacts Move     118
   6.3 Integrating Logistics Activities     129
Chapter 7  Impact on “Buy”     131
   7.1 Big Data and Buy     132
   7.2 How Much Do You Need?     138
   7.3 Outsourcing     143
   7.4 Risk Management     147

Chapter 8  The Roadmap     155

   8.1 Lessons     156
   8.2 Doing It Right     158
   8.3 How It Works     162
   8.4 Breaking Down Segmentation     164
   8.5 Strategic Alignment     167
   8.6 The Importance of Measuring     171
   8.7 The Journey     176
Chapter 9  Making It Work     181
   9.1 Strategy Sets the Direction     181
   9.2 The Building Blocks     186
   9.3 Following the Maturity Map     195
   9.4 Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)     200
   9.5 People Making Decisions with Data     207
Chapter 10  Leading Organizational Change     209
   10.1 Transformation Required     210
   10.2 The Four-Step Change Process     215
   10.3 Leadership     225
Endnotes     229
Index     249

Your complete blueprint for using Big Data to transform your entire supply chain — and uncover breakthrough sources of competitive advantage.


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