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Betting on America: Why the US Can Be Stronger After September 11

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Betting on America: Why the US Can Be Stronger After September 11

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-151714-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-151714-1

Betting on America places the events of 9-11 in deep historical context, offering a thoughtful, realistic, and ultimately optimistic vision of AmericaÕs new future. The authors examine the long-term impact of 9-11 at every level, from our most private personal relationships, to our most crucial business decisions, to the choices we make as a society. They find in American history one overriding lesson: when we have been challenged, we have discovered deeper strengths and achieved more greatness than we had ever imagined possible.

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Table of Contents


1. The Bumpy Road To A New Normalcy.

Technology: The Great Facilitator. Terrorism And Technology. The Rise Of Globalization. The Problems Of Globalization. The Upside Of Globalization. Empowerment Of The Individual. 9-11 And Arab-American Relations. A Breeding Ground For Terrorists.

2. Feeling Our Way.

Foundations Of Everyday Life. Predictability. Trust. Security-Feeling At Home. How Things Changed. Unpredictability. Suspicion. Insecurity And After.

3. Renewing Our Ways Of Thinking.

Weighing The Odds. Figuring Out A Response. The Challenge Of Knowing Thyself. Pessimism Versus Optimism. Looking To The Future.

4. Finding Our Way At Work.

What The New Normalcy Means For Business. The Changing Nature Of Work. Decentralization Of Work. The New Role Of Government. New Opportunities And Lost Causes.

5. Leveraging America's Resources.

A Nation Of Joiners. National Security And Homeland Defense. Getting It All Together. What To Do About Terrorists.

6. Forward On The Economic Front.

A Personal Economic Agenda. Preserving And Enhancing The Nation's Economy. Work, Business, And National Wealth.

7. From Our Leaders.

Leading The Way. A Business Case. A Leadership Inventory.

8. A National And Personal Agenda.

Fear Conquered And Things To Do. The Role Of Information And Physical Security. An Age Of Decency? An American Time, Some Final Thoughts.



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