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Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (paperback): Architectures and Protocols

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Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (paperback): Architectures and Protocols


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  • Broad, deep, state-of-the-art coverage—Offers the most thorough and up-to-date coverage available for planning, designing, and implementing ad hoc wireless networks.
    • Gives students access to the broadest array of ad hoc wireless solutions available.

  • 200+ easy-to-understand examples and end-of-chapter review questions—Teaches through example, and provides extensive opportunities for review at the end of every chapter.
    • Helps students understand essential concepts by seeing how they are actually implemented in practice; and provides constant feedback to ensure that students are truly mastering the material.

  • Advanced coverage available nowhere else—Introduces research and techniques covered in no other book, including Wi-Fi ad hoc networks, hybrid wireless architectures, ultra wideband ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, and more.
    • Prepares students to develop and implement wireless ad hoc networks using technologies and principles that will be current for many years.

  • In-depth coverage of ad hoc network protocols—Covers ad hoc network protocols for media access, transport, routing, multicasting, and more.
    • Enables students to successfully participate in any protocol-related role on any ad hoc wireless network design project.

  • Thorough coverage of building reliable, high-performance networks—Covers QoS, provisioning, security, scalability, pricing, and much more.
    • Helps students understand the real-world issues associated with building and deploying cost-effective, profitable ad hoc wireless networks.


  • Copyright 2012
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 880
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-300706-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-300706-0

Practical design and performance solutions for every ad hoc wireless network

Ad Hoc Wireless Networks comprise mobile devices that use wireless transmission for communication. They can be set up anywhere and any time because they eliminate the complexities of infrastructure setup and central administration-and they have enormous commercial and military potential. Now, there's a book that addresses every major issue related to their design and performance. Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Architectures and Protocols presents state-of-the-art techniques and solutions, and supports them with easy-to-understand examples. The book starts off with the fundamentals of wireless networking (wireless PANs, LANs, MANs, WANs, and wireless Internet) and goes on to address such current topics as Wi-Fi networks, optical wireless networks, and hybrid wireless architectures. Coverage includes:

  • Medium access control, routing, multicasting, and transport protocols
  • QoS provisioning, energy management, security, multihop pricing, and much more
  • In-depth discussion of wireless sensor networks and ultra wideband technology
  • More than 200 examples and end-of-chapter problems

Ad Hoc Wireless Networks is an invaluable resource for every network engineer, technical manager, and researcher designing or building ad hoc wireless networks.

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction.

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Technology. The Electromagnetic Spectrum. Radio Propagation Mechanisms. Characteristics of the Wireless Channel. ModulationTechniques. MultipleAccess Techniques. Voice Coding. Error Control. Computer Networks. Computer Network Software. Computer NetworkArchitecture. IEEE 802 Networking Standard. Wireless Networks and Book Overview. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

2. Wireless LANS and PANS.

Introduction. Fundamentals of WLANs. IEEE 802.11 Standard. HIPERLAN Standard. Bluetooth. HomeRF. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

3. Wireless WANS AND MANS.

Introduction. The Cellular Concept. Cellular Architecture. The First-Generation Cellular Systems. The Second-Generation Cellular Systems. The Third-Generation Cellular Systems. Wireless in Local Loop. Wireless ATM. IEEE 802.16 Standard. HIPERACCESS. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

4. Wireless Internet.

Introduction. What Is Wireless Internet? Mobile IP. TCP in Wireless Domain. WAP. Optimizing Web Over Wireless. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

5. Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Issues in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Ad Hoc Wireless Internet. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

6. MAC Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Issues in Designing a MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Design Goals of a MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Classifications of MAC Protocols. Contention-Based Protocols. Contention-Based Protocols with Reservation Mechanisms. Contention-Based MAC Protocols with Scheduling Mechanisms. MAC Protocols That Use Directional Antennas. Other MAC Protocols. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

7. Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Issues in Designing a Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Classi cations of Routing Protocols. Table-Driven Routing Protocols. On-Demand Routing Protocols. Hybrid Routing Protocols. Routing Protocols with Efficient Flooding Mechanisms. Hierarchical Routing Protocols. Power-Aware Routing Protocols. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

8. Multicastrouting in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Issues in Designing a Multicast Routing Protocol. Operation of Multicast Routing Protocols. An Architecture Reference Model for Multicast Routing Protocols. Classifications of Multicast Routing Protocols. Tree-Based Multicast Routing Protocols. Mesh-Based Multicast Routing Protocols. Summary of Tree-and Mesh-Based Protocols. Energy-Efficient Multicasting. Multicasting with Quality of Service Guarantees. Application-Dependent Multicast Routing. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

9. Transport Layer and Security Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Issues in Designing a Transport Layer Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Design Goals of a Transport Layer Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Classification of Transport Layer Solutions. TCP Over Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Other Transport Layer Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Security in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Network Security Requirements. Issues and Challenges in Security Provisioning. Network Security Attacks. Key Management. Secure Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

10. Quality of Service in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Issues and Challenges in Providing QoS in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Classifications of QoS Solutions. MAC Layer Solutions. Network Layer Solutions. QoS Frameworks for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

11. Energy Management in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Need for Energy Management in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Classification of Energy Management Schemes. Battery Management Schemes. Transmission Power Management Schemes. System Power Management Schemes. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

12. Wireless Sensor Networks.

Introduction. Sensor Network Architecture. Data Dissemination. Data Gathering. MAC Protocols for Sensor Networks. Location Discovery. Quality of a Sensor Network. Evolving Standards. Other Issues. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

13. Hybrid Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Next-Generation Hybrid Wireless Architectures. Routing in Hybrid Wireless Networks. Pricing in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks. Power Control Schemes in Hybrid Wireless Networks. Load Balancing in Hybrid Wireless Networks. Summary. Problems. Bibliography.

14. Recent Advances in Wireless Networks.

Introduction. Ultra-Wide-Band Radio Communication. Wireless Fidelity Systems. Optical Wireless Networks. The Multimode 802.11 -IEEE 802.11a/b/g. The Meghadoot Architecture. Summary. Problems.




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