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Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod and iTunes, 2nd Edition

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod and iTunes, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 2nd
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3457-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3457-0

Apple has taken the digital music world by storm and the Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod + iTunes, Second Edition is your umbrella. It will provide you with all of the information that you need to get the most out of these amazing digital music tools. From the basics of listening to audio CDs using iTunes to purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store to customizing playlists on your iPod, you will be equipped to master digital music using these tools. You'll discover how each tool works on its own and then how you can use all three together to get the most out of each tool. The second edition also includes coverage of the new iPod photo and iPod shuffle music players. Join the millions of people who are using iPod and iTunes every day with the Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod + iTunes, Second Edition.

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Controlling an iPod or iPod mini

Controlling an iPod or iPod mini

Table of Contents


Meet the Digital Music Triumvirate.

    The iPod Rocks.

    iTunes Jams.

    iTunes Music Store.

Quick Guide to Absolute Beginner’s Guide to iPod and iTunes.

    Going Both Ways.

    Special Elements.


1. Touring the iPod.

    The Apple iPod: A Lot of Hype or Really Hip?

    So What Is an iPod Anyway?

    All iPod Models Aren’t Equal, But They Are All Cool.

      The iPod.

      The iPod mini.

      The iPod shuffle.

      Which iPod Is Right for You?

    What You Can Do with an iPod.

2. Getting Started with an iPod.

    Exploring the iPod’s Box.

    Charging the iPod’s Battery.

    Installing the iPod’s Software (Including iTunes).

      Installing the iPod’s Software on a Windows PC.

      Installing the iPod’s Software on a Macintosh.

    Connecting and Configuring an iPod on Your Computer.

      Preparing an iPod to Connect to a Computer.

      Connecting an iPod to a Computer.

      Configuring an iPod on Your Computer.

    Connecting an iPod to a Computer with a Dock.

3. Controlling an iPod or iPod mini.

    Getting Ready to Play.

    Controlling an iPod.

      Turning On an iPod.

      Choosing an iPod’s Language.

      Making Selections on an iPod.

      Using the iPod’s Click Wheel.

    Looking at the iPod’s Menus and Screens.

      The Main Menu.

      The Music Menu and Screens.

      The Extras Menu and Screens.

      The Settings Menu and Screens.

      The Shuffle Songs Command.

      The Backlight Command.

      The Now Playing Menu.

    Using the iPod’s Backlight.

      Turning On the Backlight.

      Configuring the Backlight.

    Putting an iPod on Hold.

    Turning Off an iPod.

4. Listening to Music on an iPod or iPod mini.

    Selecting Music You Want to Listen To.

      Selecting Music with Playlists.

      Browsing Your iPod’s Music.

    Controlling Your Music.

      Playing the Basic Way.

      Playing the iPod Way.

    Creating and Using an iPod On-The-Go Playlist.

    Monitoring an iPod’s Battery.

5. Listening to Music on an iPod shuffle.

    Getting Ready to Play.

    Turning On, Controlling, and Turning Off an iPod shuffle.

      Turning On a shuffle and Choosing How Music Will Play.

      Using the iPod shuffle’s Playback Controls.

      Turning Off an iPod shuffle.

    Putting an iPod shuffle on Hold.

    Monitoring an iPod shuffle’s Battery.

6. Building an iPod’s Music Library.

    Creating an iTunes Music Library.

      Building an iTunes Music Library.

      Creating iTunes Playlists.

    Assessing the Size of Your iTunes Library and How Much Disk Space Your iPod Has.

      Determining the Size of Your iTunes Library.

      Determining How Much Storage Space You Have on an iPod.

    Understanding and Configuring iPod Synchronization Options.

      Understanding Your Synchronization Options.

      Understanding How iTunes Updates Playlists on the iPod.

      Configuring iTunes to Automatically Update All Songs and Playlists.

      Configuring iTunes to Automatically Update Selected Playlists.

      Configuring iTunes So You Can Manually Manage Songs and Playlists.

    Updating Specific Songs and Playlists Automatically.

    Manually Updating an iPod.

    Adding Music to an iPod shuffle.

      Configuring an iPod shuffle.

      Using Autofill to Put Music on an iPod shuffle.

      Manually Adding Songs to an iPod shuffle.

      Removing Songs from an iPod shuffle.

7. Configuring an iPod to Suit Your Preferences.

    Configuring Music Playback.

      Shuffling Music.

      Repeating Music.

      Using Sound Check.

      Using the iPod’s Equalizer.

    Setting Up Your Main Menu Preferences.

    Setting the Screen’s Contrast.

    Setting the Sleep Timer.

    Configuring the Clicker.

    Working with the iPod’s Language.

    Returning an iPod to That Factory-Fresh Feeling.

8. Using an iPod with a Home Stereo or Car Stereo.

    Using an iPod with a Home Stereo.

      Hard-Wiring an iPod to a Home Stereo.

      Broadcasting iPod Music over FM.

      Playing an iPod over a Home Stereo System.

    Using an iPod As a Portable Home Stereo or Boombox.

    Using an iPod with a Car Stereo.

      Getting Sound from an iPod to a Car Stereo.

      Powering and Charging an iPod While You Are on the Road.

      Mounting an iPod in Your Car.

      Controlling an iPod While You Are on the Road.

9. Using the iPod for Images.

    iPods and Photos.

    Moving Pictures onto an iPod.

      Using an Application to Move Pictures from a Computer onto an iPod.

      Moving Image Files from a Computer onto an iPod.

      Moving Photos from a Digital Camera onto an iPod.

    Viewing Photos on an iPod.

    Viewing Slideshows on an iPod.

      Setting Up an iPod Slideshow.

      Playing an iPod Slideshow.

    Using an iPod to Display Slideshows on a TV.

    Moving Photos from an iPod onto a Computer.

      Using an Application to Move Photos from an iPod onto a Computer.

      Manually Moving Files from an iPod to a Computer.

10. Using the iPod’s Calendar, Contact Manager, and Other Non-Music Tools.

    Keeping Track of Time with the iPod Clock.

      Configuring the Time on an iPod.

      Displaying the Time on an iPod.

      Setting and Controlling an Alarm.

    Planning Your Days with the iPod Calendar.

      Setting Up Your iPod Calendar.

      Viewing Your iPod Calendar.

    Using an iPod to Keep an Address Book.

      Configuring Your iPod Contacts.

      Viewing Your Contacts.

    Using the iPod to Store and Display Text.

      Creating Notes for an iPod.

      Moving Notes to an iPod.

      Reading Notes on an iPod.

11. Taking the iPod Further.

    Working with Podcasts.

      Moving Podcasts onto an iPod.

      Listening to Podcasts onto an iPod.

      Removing Podcasts from an iPod.

    Using an iPod As a Portable Hard Drive.

      Enabling an iPod to Be Used As a Hard Drive.

      Using an iPod As a Hard Drive.

    Using an iPod shuffle As a Flash Drive.

      Configuring an iPod shuffle As a Flash Drive.

      Using an iPod shuffle As a Flash Drive.

    Using an iPod with More Than One Computer.

    Using an iPod to Capture Sound.

      Choosing a Voice Recorder for an iPod.

      Installing the Belkin iPod Voice Recorder.

      Recording Sound on an iPod.

      Working with Sound You Have Recorded.

    Using an iPod to Move Your Music Collection from One Computer to Another.

12. Maintaining an iPod and Solving Problems.

    Maintaining Your iPod’s Power.

      Monitoring and Maximizing Battery Life.

      Charging an iPod’s Battery.

      Getting More Life Out of an iPod’s Battery.

      Solving Battery Problems.

    Updating or Restoring an iPod’s Software.

    Identifying and Solving iPod Problems.

      Solving iPod Problems.

      Getting Help with iPod Problems.


13. Touring iTunes.

    What You Can Do with iTunes.

    Audio File Formats You Might Encounter When You Use iTunes.

      CD Audio.





      Apple Lossless.

    The iTunes Music Library.

    Where Does All That Music Come From?

    Playlists: Customizing Your Music Experience.

    The Other Members of the Band: The iPod and the iTunes Music Store.

14. Getting Started with iTunes.

    Installing iTunes on a Windows PC.

      Downloading and Installing iTunes on a Windows PC.

      Launching and Performing the Initial Configuration of iTunes on a Windows PC.

    Installing and Configuring iTunes on a Macintosh.

    Getting to Know iTunes.

      Seeing Through the iTunes Window.

      Controlling Your Music.

15. Listening to Audio CDs and Internet Audio with iTunes.

    Listening to an Audio CD.

      Viewing Information While Listening to Tunes.

      Controlling the Tunes.

      Choosing the Songs You Hear.

      Choosing the Order in Which Songs Play.

      Getting Random.

      Repeating Tracks.

      Controlling iTunes from the Desktop.

    Listening to Internet Radio.

      Playing Your iTunes Radio.

      Refreshing Your Radio.

      Configuring iTunes for a Slow Internet Connection.

      Playing Around with Internet Audio.

    Customizing the iTunes Window.

      Setting General iTunes Preferences.

      Changing the Size of the iTunes Window.

    Setting iTunes Audio Preferences.

16. Building, Browsing, Searching, and Playing Your iTunes Music


    Gathering Your Music from All the Right Places.

    Determining Where and How the Music Library Music Is Stored.

      Working with the iTunes Music Folder.

      Configuring the Location of the Music Folder.

      Setting Other Organization Preferences.

    Understanding Encoding and Other Important Format Options.

      Choosing a Format Option.

      Picking Quality Levels.

      Configuring iTunes to Import Music.

    Adding Music from Audio CDs to Your iTunes Music Library.

      Adding Audio CDs to Your Library.

      Building Your iTunes Music Library in a Hurry.

    Importing Audio Files into Your Library.

    Browsing and Searching Your Music Library.

      Browsing in the Library.

      Searching Your Music Library.

    Playing Music in Your Music Library.

    Removing Tunes from the Music Library.

    Subscribing and Listening to Podcasts.

      Setting Your Podcast Preferences.

      Subscribing to Podcasts.

      Listening to and Managing Podcasts.

17. Labeling, Categorizing, and Configuring Your Music.

    Understanding Song Tags and Knowing Why You Should Care about Them.

    Viewing Song Information.

      Viewing Tags in the Browser.

      Viewing Tags in the Content Pane.

      Viewing Tags in the Info Window.

    Labeling Your Music.

      Labeling a Song in the Info Window.

      Labeling Multiple Songs at the Same Time.

      Labeling a Song in the Content Pane.

    Configuring a Song’s Options.

      Configuring Song Options in the Info Window.

      Rating Songs in the Content Pane.

    Adding and Viewing Album Artwork.

      Viewing Album Artwork.

      Adding Artwork for Songs.

    Customizing the Content Pane.

18. Creating, Configuring, and Using Playlists.

    Understanding Playlists.

      The Standard-But-Very-Useful Playlist.

      The Extra-Special Smart Playlist.

    Building and Listening to Standard Playlists.

      Creating a Standard Playlist.

      Adding Songs to a Playlist.

      Removing Songs from a Playlist.

      Setting the Order in Which a Playlist’s Songs Play.

      Listening to a Standard Playlist.

      Deleting a Standard Playlist.

    Becoming a Musical Genius with Smart Playlists.

      Understanding Why Smart Playlists Are Called Smart.

      Creating a Smart Playlist.

      Listening to a Smart Playlist.

      Changing a Smart Playlist.

    Doing the Party Shuffle.

19. Equalizing Your Music.

    Touring the iTunes Equalizer.

    Configuring the Equalizer Manually.

    Working with Presets.

      Selecting a Default Preset.

      Creating Your Own Presets.

      Configuring the Preset Menu.

    Setting the Equalizer for Specific Songs.

      Setting the Equalizer in the Info Window.

      Using the Equalizer from the Content Pane.

20. Burning Your Own CDs or DVDs.

    Understanding the Types of Discs You Can Burn.

    Getting Your Computer Ready to Burn.

    Burning Discs.

      Preparing Content to Burn.

      Preparing for a Burn Session.

      Burning a Disc.

    Labeling Your Discs.

      Printing Disc Labels.

      Printing Disc Inserts.

      Printing Song and Album Listings.

21. Sharing iTunes Music over a Network.

    Understanding How iTunes Music Sharing Works.

    Sharing Your iTunes Music with Others.

      Connecting an iTunes Computer to a Network.

      Sharing Your Music with Other People Who Use Your Mac.

      Setting Up Your Computer to Share Music.

      Knowing How Many People Are Using Your Music.

    Listening to Music Being Shared with You.

      Accessing iTunes Music Being Shared with You.

      Listening to Shared iTunes Music.

    Sharing Your Music Anywhere with AirTunes and an AirPort Express Base Station.

      Obtaining and Installing an AirPort Express.

      Connecting the AirPort Express to an Audio Device.

      Setting Up a New AirTunes Network.

      Configuring iTunes to Broadcast to a Network.

      Listening to the Shared Tunes.

22. Maintaining iTunes and Solving Problems.

    Keeping iTunes Up-to-date.

      Keeping iTunes Up-to-date on Any Computer Automatically.

      Keeping iTunes Up-to-date on a Windows PC Manually.

      Keeping iTunes Up-to-date on a Macintosh.

    Backing Up Your iTunes Music Library.

    Solving iTunes Problems.

      Solving the Missing Song File Problem.

      Getting Help with iTunes Problems.


23.Touring the iTunes Music Store.

    Why the iTunes Music Store Rocks.

    How the iTunes Music Store Works.

      Getting an Account.

      Accessing the Store.

      Browsing or Searching for Music.

      Previewing Music.

      Buying and Downloading Music.

      What Happens to Music You Buy?

    What Can You Do with Music You Buy from the iTunes Music Store?

24. Configuring iTunes for the Music Store.

    Understanding Your Shopping Options.

      1-Click Shopping.

      Shopping Cart Shopping.

    Configuring Your iTunes Music Store Account.

      Obtaining an iTunes Music Store Account.

      Logging In to Your iTunes Music Store Account.

      Logging Out of Your iTunes Music Store Account.

      Changing and Viewing Your iTunes Music Store Account.

      Setting Up and Managing Music Allowances.

      Purchasing Gift Certificates.

      Managing Your Artist Alerts.

    Choosing Your Shopping Preferences.

25. Shopping in the iTunes Music Store.

    Going into the iTunes Music Store.

    Browsing for Tunes.

      Browsing the iTunes Music Store Home Page.

      Browsing by Genre.

    Searching for Specific Tunes.

      Performing a Basic Search.

      Performing a Power Search.

    Previewing Tunes.

    Buying Tunes.

      Buying Tunes with the 1-Click Method.

      Buying Tunes with the Shopping Cart Method.

    Linking Your Music Library with the iTunes Music Store.

    iMixing It Up.

      Working with iMixes.

      Publishing Your Own iMixes.

26. Working with Purchased Music.

    Understanding What Happens When You Buy Music from the iTunes Music Store.

    Using the Purchased Music Playlist.

    Understanding Authorization.

      Authorizing a Computer.

      Deauthorizing a Computer.

    Moving Purchased Music to Other Computers.

      Understanding the Ways You Can Move Your Tunes.

      Moving Purchased Music Files over a Network.

    Viewing the Music You Have Purchased.

    Backing Up Purchased Music.

27. Solving iTunes Music Store Problems.

    Recovering Music That Wasn’t Downloaded Successfully.

    Solving the “Not Authorized to Play” Problem.

    Correcting Problems with Your iTunes Music Store Account.

    Getting Help with iTunes Music Store Problems.

    Reporting Music You Can’t Find in the Store.



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