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10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2002

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10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2002

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Pages: 224
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-5526-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-5526-1

Because most people don't have the luxury of sitting down uninterrupted for hours at a time to learn Outlook, this 10-Minute Guide focuses on the most often used features, covering them in lessons designed to take 10 minutes or less to complete. In addition, this guide teaches the user how to use Outlook without relying on technical jargon. By providing straightforward, easy-to-follow explanations and lists of numbered steps that tell the user which keys to press and which options to select.

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Table of Contents


1. What's New in Outlook 2002?

Getting Organized with Outlook 2002. New Features in Outlook 2002.

2. Getting Started in Outlook.

Starting Outlook. Understanding the Outlook Window. Using the Mouse in Outlook. Working Offline. Exiting Outlook.

3. Understanding the Outlook E-mail Configurations.

Types of Outlook E-mail Configurations. Adding Other Types of E-mail Accounts. Deleting E-mail Accounts.

4. Using Outlook's Tools.

Using the Outlook Bar. Using the Folder List. Changing Views. Creating Custom Views. Using Outlook Today.

5. Getting Help in Microsoft Outlook.

Help: What's Available? Using the Ask a Question Box. Using the Office Assistant. Using the Help Window. Getting Help with Screen Elements.

6. Creating Mail.

Composing a Message. Formatting Text. Selecting the E-mail Message Format. Checking Spelling. Add a Signature. Sending Mail. Recalling a Message.

7. Working with Received Mail.

Reading Mail. Saving an Attachment. Answering Mail. Printing Mail.

8. Managing Mail.

Deleting Mail. Forwarding Mail. Creating Folders. Moving Items to Another Folder.

9. Attaching Files and Items to a Message.

Attaching a File Attaching Outlook Items.

10. Saving Drafts and Organizing Messages.

Saving a Draft. Viewing Sent Items and Changing Defaults. Using the Organize Tool. Creating Advanced Rules with the Wizard.

11. Setting Mail Options.

Working with Message Options. Using Message Flags.

12. Using the Outlook Address Books.

Understanding the Outlook Address Books. Using the Address Book. Importing Address Books and Contact Lists. Exporting Outlook Address Records.

13. Creating a Contacts List.

Creating a New Contact. Viewing the Contacts List. Using Distribution Lists. Communicating with a Contact. Viewing a Map of a Contact's Address.

14. Using the Calendar.

Navigating the Calendar. Creating an Appointment. Scheduling a Recurring Appointment. Planning Events. Inserting an Object.

15. Planning a Meeting.

Scheduling a Meeting. Working Out Meeting Details. Editing Meeting Details and Adding Attendees.

16. Creating a Task List.

Entering a Task. Creating a Recurring Task. Assigning Tasks to Others. Viewing Tasks. Managing Tasks. Recording Statistics About a Task. Tracking Tasks.

17. Using the Journal.

Creating a Journal Entry. Viewing Journal Entries.

18. Using Outlook Notes.

Creating Notes. Setting Note Options. Managing Individual Notes. Viewing Notes.

19. Printing in Outlook.

Choosing Page Setup. Previewing Before Printing. Printing Items. Printing Labels and Envelopes. Setting Printer Properties.



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