How-To Series

The How-To series currently is poised to develop titles within the Microsoft space. This series provides informative “how-to’s” within each of its respective topic areas. The titles focus on detailing each step necessary to accomplish a goal for a given scenario.

The basis for the content of books within the How-To series is to provide information on exactly how to do something, how to accomplish a task. Background information for the technologies covered within the How-To series is not a major factor as the audience for the titles will generally already have an understanding of the specific technology. The reasons why each task may be completed is also 2nd tier. The cases for the tasks outlined in each of the books provide a specific scenario, a solution, and the steps necessary to achieve that solution.

If it is necessary for a specific technology to be covered in an in-depth manner (with greater detail as to the what, where, when, why aspects), the title would most likely be moved to the Unleashed series. The Unleashed series delves into greater detail about specific topics rather than the essential steps of a task as in the How-To series.

Current Categories of Titles
• Microsoft
• Programming / Developer
• Server
• Server Databases

The audience for these titles is perceived to be folks who already have a general background of a specific technology and those who will need to know how to accomplish hands-on technology tasks.

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SharePoint 2013 How-To
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