Sams Publishing Series

Developer's Library
Books in the Developer's Library series are designed to provide practicing programmers with three distinct types of core reference works: Cookbooks, Handbooks and Dictionaries.

How-To Series
The How-To series currently is poised to develop titles within the Microsoft space. This series provides informative “how-to’s” within each of its respective topic areas. The titles focus on detailing each step necessary to accomplish a goal for a given scenario.

Kick Start
Introduces new topics to working developers who no longer need the degree of hand-holding offered in a beginning level tutorial.

Novell Press
Novell Press books cover fundamental networking strategies as they emerge from today's Novell and third-party products to the concepts and actions that will guide the industry's future.

Primer Plus
A complete tutorial for readers who want a thorough understanding of a programming language or technology.

Sams Teach Yourself
When you only have time for the answers, Sams Teach Yourself books are your best solution. These books are well-organized and carefully-illustrated references that show you how to quickly accomplish individual tasks with a particular computer technology or product.

An exhaustive, technically sophisticated reference for professionals who need to exploit a technology to its fullest potential. Includes best-selling titles on topics such as ASP.NET, Mac OS X, and Red Hat Linux, and Windows Server 2003.