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Nicolas Fortin

Stéphane Hogue is an award-winning technical writer at Speedware Corporation, the company that produces MobileDev and other application development tools. In his eight years at Speedware, he has worked on manuals, course workbooks, and online help for Web and 4GL design tools as well as on business intelligence products. He has also been a featured speaker at conferences. Stéphane particularly enjoys working with and explaining cutting-edge technology.

Leslie Hirst is a technical writer and manager of Technical Documentation at Speedware. She has worked on everything from white papers to workbooks, including reference manuals, quick-reference guides, getting-started tutorials, online CDs, and conference papers. Like Stéphane, Leslie is an award winner, winning more than 12 technical-writing awards in the past ten years. Leslie really likes creating databases and applications to explain complicated concepts in a simple manner.

Nicolas Fortin is the Product Marketing Manager for Wireless Solutions at Speedware Corporation. In his 12 years with Speedware, Nick has been involved with many technologies, including mobile Internet concepts. As part of his achievements, he has created a WAP airline-reservation system and has been a key reference for various WAP-related endeavors, such as conferences, articles, white papers, and books, while managing MobileDev, Speedware's professional application development software specifically designed for the mobile Internet.