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Philip B. Bedient

DR. PHILIP BEDIENT is Chair and Professor of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX. He is author or co-author of over 100 articles and five textbooks related to surface and groundwater hydrology and containment transport. Bedient has directed over 40 research projects, including the BIOPLUME II program for modeling aerobic biodegradation of organic components in groundwater. He also helped direct the extensive remediation studies at HIUAFD.

DR. HANADI S. RIFAI is Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Houston. She teaches courses in hydrology, fluid mechanics, engineering design, risk assessment, and geographic information systems, has co-authored two textbooks, and is principal author of the BIOPLUME II and III models.

DR. CHARLES J. NEWELL is Vice President, Environmental Engineer, Groundwater Services, Inc., and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX. He was Principal Investigator for the $2.5 million, multiple-site natural attenuation project at the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence.