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Eric Smith

Scott Seely is an Architect for MySpace, currently focusing on OpenSocial and the MySpace Developer Platform. He has worked extensively with Windows Communication Foundation, first as a developer at Microsoft on the WCF project from 2002 to 2006 and later, as a user and educator. He has written three other books, two of these on Web Services/SOAP. When not sitting behind a keyboard, Scott can be found in northern Illinois spending time with his wonderful wife, three kids, two dogs, two frogs, and whatever other animals happen to be in the house.


Eric A. Smith works as an independent consultant, author, and trainer in the Indianapolis area. He is also the owner of Northstar Computer Systems (www.northcomp.com), a value-added reseller and Web hosting company. His company was one of the first to offer commercial .NET hosting services to its clients.

Eric has written or contributed to 12 books covering Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET at Work: 10 Enterprise Projects (Wiley).

Deon Schaffer has been developing with Visual Basic and other Microsoft technologies for more than seven years. Over the past few years, Deon's focus has been on designing and developing Windows DNA applications. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and has a degree in information systems engineering. Deon is a senior consultant at Information Strategies in Washington, DC.