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Jason Gilliam

R. Allen Wyke, of Durham, North Carolina, is the Vice President of Technology and Services at Blue292. Allen is responsible for ensuring that Blue292 products have the proper technical vision and direction, while at the same time guiding network engineering to deliver on that message and providing services to support them.

Allen participated on the W3C P3P Working Group, which represents a machine-based privacy standard to be used on the Internet. He has published a dozen books on various Internet technologies such as Perl, JavaScript, and XML, and somehow continues to find time for his dogs and routine trips to the beach.

Jason D. Gilliam is a software developer at Blue292 in Durham, North Carolina. At Blue292 he is an active developer on all of the company's products as well as guiding the development teams' coding activities. His development activities cover a range of technologies such as Java, JSP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and the .NET Framework, just to name a few.

In addition to his work at Blue292, Jason has also worked in other Web-based arenas such as chat and discussion group software as well as work in the telecommunications industry. Jason is also a co-author of the book Pure JavaScript.