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Alan Luber

Alan Luber is an author, journalist, computer expert, and consultant. Alan's first book, Solving Business Problems with MRP II, has been translated into Spanish and has sold well worldwide. He has also written dozens of articles that have appeared in both print and Web-based publications.

As a consultant, Alan helps companies implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management solutions. He also helps clients to reengineer business processes and manage large, complex information technology projects. Recent clients include Koch Industries, Inc.; Imperial Tobacco Ltd.; Frontstep, Inc.; and GSI Lumonics, Inc.

Alan has a B.S. in industrial engineering from Penn State. He worked for General Electric, Management Science America, and Digital Equipment Corporation before establishing ADL Consulting Inc., in 1994.

Alan spends his free time writing for fun, playing the piano, restoring photographs, losing at gin rummy to his youngest daughter (who clearly cheats), and collecting and selling baseball memorabilia. (Alan and his much older, less handsome brother Phil own the copyrights to the best-known interior color photos of Shibe Park Connie Mack Stadium in existence.)

Alan is married, has three daughters, and lives in Roswell, Georgia. Alan would be pleased to hear from owners of small and home office businesses in the Atlanta area who require assistance in implementing personal computer disaster prevention and recovery plans. Alan can be contacted through his Web site, http://www.alanluber.com.