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Michael McGannon

Dr. Michael McGannon, MD, earned his doctorate in Medicine in 1983 from Georgetown University (Washington, DC) and his Post-doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center (Stanford, California, USA). Since completing his research in preventative medicine and gastroenterology at Stanford in 1988, he has been the Medical Director of the Health Management Program at INSEAD, Europe's premier business school in Fontainebleau, France.

On the basis of his 8 years of teaching and research with many thousands of managers at leading business schools such as INSEAD, IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland) and SIM (Singapore lnstitute of Management) and within leading corporations, he established the first McGannon Institute of Preventative Health, a research Organization devoted to the awakening of the Inner Warrior by principles and practices described in this book. The mission statement of the Institute is as follows:

Our mission is to provide interactive health education and encouragement so that participants can autonomously upgrade their mental and physical abilities towards the balanced enjoyment and fulfillment of all aspects of personal and professional life.

This educational process takes place at business institutes and within organizations' conference rooms throughout the world in the form of The Health Management Program. The HMP is an educational and motivational program designed to provide managers with the opportunity to reflect on and take stock of their most important asset: their health. The philosophy behind the program is that fit and healthy executives feel better about themselves, are more mentally astute and energetic, and thus better able to contribute to their company's performance.

Dr. McGannon is also a medical journalist, writing extensively on issues such as stress, health and fitness in such international publications as the International Herald Tribune (Paris), the Financial Times (London), The Business Times (Singapore), The European (London) and L'Impresa (Milan).

Presently, Dr. McGannon is setting up a multi-center research project dedicated to demonstrating the long-term impact of health and well-being on the corporate "bottom line." Moreover, in 1996, to make theprograms and seminars available to locals and ex-patriots, further McGannon Institutes of Preventative Health Institute extensions are planned: 2 in SE Asia (Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong) and in the United States.

All correspondences, queries for on-site workshops, UWIN (Urban,Warrior Interactive Network) interactive software, CD-ROM, PassportEditions, McGannon Institute health newsletter and other tools designedto help optimize health, fitness and sanity should be addressed to:The McGannon Institute of Preventative Health (Headquarters) 25, rue de Flagy 77940 Thoury-Ferrottes, FRANCE Telephone: +331- Facsimile: +331- email address: McGannon@INSEAD.FR