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Jim Champy is one of the leading management and business thinkers of our time. His first best seller, Reengineering the Corporation, remains the bible for executing process change. His second book, Reengineering Management, another best seller, was recognized by Business Week as one of the most important books of its time. Champy’s latest book, OUTSMART!, shows how to achieve breakthrough growth by consistently outsmarting your competition by identifying six powerful new ways to compete in even the toughest marketplace.


Champy is also an experienced manager and advisor. He is currently the Chairman of Consulting for Perot Systems. He speaks and writes with the authority of real business experience and brings pragmatism to the world of business. In this new series of books, Champy looks at what’s working today for high-growth businesses. Champy observes that there is not much new in management, but there is a lot new in business--and a lot to learn from what’s new.