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Juliette Mcgannon

Juliette McGannon is the Managing Director of The McGannon Institute of Proactive Health (MIPH),

located in France, as well as the Director of the Health Management Program (HMP)at INSEAD.

She received her training in Physiology and Nutrition in California and her field of expertise is

fitness prescription and effective stress management. She is the innovator of the HMP, the

Work-Life Balance training, the Paris Expedition, The Forest Orientation (team building) Course and S.M.A.R.T., a stress management program which has been administered to over 32,000 international managers in 500 corporations. Her audio CD, Managing Personal / Professional Balance, has brought welcome relief to thousands of international managers worldwide. Her present projects include a multi-centre research study of the impact of stress on corporate health care costs.

Dr. Michael McGannon, M.D. is a specialist in preventative medicine, particularly as it

applies to corporate life. Dr. McGannon holds a doctorate in medicine from Georgetown

University, and a post-doctoral research fellowship from Stanford University. He is also a medical journalist, writing on issues such as stress, health and fitness in such international publications as the International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, The Business Times (Singapore), The European (London), L'Impresa. His first book, The Urban Warrior’s Book of Solutions, Staying Healthy, Fit and Sane in the Business Jungle, published by Financial Times Publishing, is standard issue at INSEAD and corporate management courses.

Together they have conducted the Health Management Program at business schools

(e.g. INSEAD, IMD, Singapore Institute of Management), corporations, embassies and other

organizations throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. They innovated many tools (computer-based learning, CD-ROM, newsletters, video and audio presentations) to provide effective insights into the means to help managers and workers manage their own survival in an environment of ever-increasing demands.