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Rachel Mulvey

Between them, Judith and Rachel have 50 years experience of career guidance.  Their own careers span a number of roles and locations.  They also have day to day contact with students who are shaping their brilliant careers. 

Dr Judith Done is qualified both in career guidance and occupational psychology.  She has worked as a practitioner and manager in careers services, then ran professional career guidance training at Manchester Metropolitan University.  For the last decade, she has been a senior manager in student services, and led the highly effective careers centre, at the University of Chester. 

Professor Rachel Mulvey has done pretty much the same (practice, management, professional training) but in the South East.  She has done research at international level, and has written on careers issues for the academic and professional press.  She has broadcast on careers, most recently on BBC4’s Woman’s Hour.  Rachel is currently Associate Dean of Psychology at the University of East London. 

Both Judith and Rachel are Fellows of the Institute of Career Guidance, and passionate in their shared belief that effective career guidance transforms lives.