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Nicole Fenton

Nicole Fenton is a freelance writer and editor in Brooklyn, New York. Previously, she worked at Facebook and led communications at the Apple Online Store. Her recent clients include Parker Networks, Editorially, Safari Books Online, Pinterest, Visa, and Microsoft. Nicole has a BA in English from the University of Texas. She has presented at the Build Conference 2013, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Confab UK 2013, London, England; and Content Strategy Forum 2011, London, England.

Kate Kiefer Lee manages content for MailChimp, an email marketing company with millions of users around the world. She created a style guide called Voice & Tone for her team, which teaches writers to communicate with a genuine voice and adapt their tone based on the reader's feelings. Previously, a magazine editor and freelance writer, she presented at UX Thursday 2013, Detroit, Michigan; Beyond Tellerand 2013, Dusseldorf, Germany; Confab UK 2013, London, England; Content Strategy Forum 2012, Cape Town, South Africa;; and Confab 2012, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA