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Larissa Moss

Larissa Moss is president of Method Focus Inc., a corporation specializing in enterprise information management. She frequently lectures at data warehouse and data quality conferences worldwide on the topics of data warehousing, business intelligence, and other enterprise architecture and data strategy topics, such as data integration, data modeling, data quality, and metadata. Larissa is a senior consultant of the Cutter Consortium and a member of Friends of NCR-Teradata and the IBM Gold Group. Her present and past associations also include membership in DAMA, part-time faculty member at the Extended University of California Polytechnic University Pomona, associate of the Relational Institute and the Codd & Date Consulting Group, and lecturer for TDWI, DCI, MIS Training Institute, and PESG.

Larissa has authored and co-authored numerous books, white papers, and articles on business intelligence, project management, information asset management, development methodologies, data quality, and organizational realignments. She can be reached at methodfocus@earthlink.net. Her web-site is http://www.methodfocus.com.