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Thomas A. Curran

THOMAS A. CURRAN is founder and President of datalead.com (Cambridge, MA), which provides a real-time business-to-business information exchange for the Internet and mobile computing. Curran worked for five years as technology strategist and product manager for SAP AG before starting datalead.com.

ANDREW LADD, Ph.D., has written extensively on the ERP market and its impact on the modern enterprise. He is currently a marketing manager and content developer at S1 Corporation (Atlanta, GA), a leading provider of Internet-based solutions for the financial services industry.

DENNIS LADD is a former development manager for SAP AG, with ten years experience in developing software for SAP R/3, decision support, and Internet delivery products. Ladd currently develops SAP R/3 software solutions for a broad range of vendors in the ERP and eBusiness marketplace.