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Jagmohan John Raju

Jagmohan Raju is Joseph J. Aresty Professor, Professor of Marketing, and Chairperson of the Marketing Department at The Wharton School. He researches pricing new products, retailing, coupons, salesforce compensation, and distribution challenges. Z. John Zhang, Murrel J. Ades Professor and Professor of Marketing at Wharton, researches pricing and revenue models, targeted pricing strategies, retail management, price engineering, and competitive strategies. Herb Sorensen, Ph.D. is CEO and President of TNS Sorensen, the leader in helping manufacturers and retailers assess product/package performance, purchase decisions, category management, promotional impact, and shopper behavior. Rick DeHerder, Founder and CEO of the Array Marketing Group, served for a decade as a marketing executive at Mattel. Richard Blatt served until recently as President and CEO of POPAI, the leading global, non-profit trade association for marketing at-retail. Dr. Neale Martin is an expert in consumer behavior, customer satisfaction, and bridging the gap between new technologies and markets. He has spent the last decade helping leading technology companies launch innovative products and services.