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Shay Woodard

SHAY WOODARD is a principal and the CIO of Interface Technologies, Inc. He manages the design and implementation of networks for ITI as well as for many ITI clients. Additionally, he spends part of his time involved with the development of Microsoft Windows NT/95/98 enterprise software solutions. He is the co-author of Windows NT Administration: Single Systems to Heterogeneous Networks (Prentice Hall).

NICK GATTUCCIO is Interface Technologies, Inc.'s technical writer and is editor of ITI's online developer journal. He is the author of numerous articles and other published works, both technical and nontechnical.

MARSHALL BRAIN is co-founder and president of Interface Technologies, Inc., a nationally recognized software development and enterprise systems design and implementation firm, with special expertise in Microsoft Windows NT/98 networking and software design solutions. He is the author of nine books on Windows NT/95 software development, including Win32 System Services: The Heart of Windows 95 and Windows NT (Prentice Hall).