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Dwight McNeill

Dwight McNeill, Ph.D., MPH, President of WayPoint Health Analytics, consults with organizations on healthcare analytics to improve business decision-making, engage customers/patients to produce health, and optimize healthcare financing and delivery. He is a Lecturer at Suffolk University Sawyer School of Management and Lead Faculty Member at the International Institute for Analytics’ Health Care & Life Sciences Analytics Research Council. He has been a guest lecturer at several universities, including Brandeis, Harvard, and Duke.

He has worked in corporate settings--most recently for IBM as Global Leader for Business Analytics and Optimization for the Healthcare Industry--and in government settings at the federal (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) and state (Commonwealth of MA) levels.

McNeill is the coauthor of The Value of Building Sustainable Health Care Systems: Capturing the Benefits of Health Plan Transformation and Building Organizational Capacity: A Cornerstone of Health System Reform.