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Paul C. Zikopoulos

PAUL C. ZIKOPOULOS is Database Specialist, DB2 Certified Advanced Technical Expert, and DB2 Certified Customer Solutions Expert for IBM in Toronto, Canada. He is a co-author of DB2: The Complete Reference, DB2 Fundamentals Certification for Dummies, DB2 For Windows For Dummies, and A DBA's Guide to Databases on Linux.

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DB2 9 technology takes automated administration to a new level with its unique Self Tuning Memory Manager. If you're a DBA that has better things to do than monitor memory allocations across hundreds of servers throughout the day, STMM is for you. If you're new to DB2, STMM is going to help you. If you're a long-in-the-tooth DBA, STMM is going to help you. Learn more about STMM in this session.

     Podcast: DB2 Manage Thyself: The Self Tuning Memory Manager