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John Arthur Ricketts

Dr. John Arthur Ricketts is an IBM distinguished engineer. This is a top technical honor in the IBM Corporation based on outstanding and sustained achievement. As a distinguished engineer in Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO), Dr. Ricketts does applied analytics, develops intellectual capital, and coaches others. He speaks frequently at professional conferences, academic conferences, user consortia, and executive briefings. His publications have appeared in MIS Quarterly, Interface, Information and Management, Journal of Software Maintenance, Informatica, and Computer Programming Management.

Author Podcasts

Managing services is extremely challenging, and traditional "industrial" management techniques are no longer adequate. In "Reaching the Goal," Dr. John Arthur Ricketts presents a breakthrough management approach that embraces what makes services different: their diversity, complexity, and unique distribution methods.

     Podcast: Part 1 – Getting Started on TOC for Services
     Podcast: Part 2 – Contrasts the "Theory of Constraints" approach to services vs. non-services projects

Audio Podcast: Using the Theory of Constraints in Services
from the Business901 Podcast