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Elin Waring

Jennifer Marriott owns and operates a web development company, Marpo Multimedia, in partnership with Wendy Robinson, which specializes in Joomla! CMS powered websites.  Her company is located in Northeastern Oklahoma, and although separated by distance, Jennifer stays close to her Canadian roots.

Jennifer joined the Joomla! Community during the beginning days in 2005 and began volunteering as a forum moderator shortly after.  Over the years she has taken on various roles in the community in addition to moderator, such as Joomla! Bug Squad member,  Joomla! Google Summer of Code co-administrator and mentor, as well as Trademark and Licensing Team Leader. While Jennifer has stepped down from her official roles in the Joomla! Project, she still remains an active community member.

In addition to her work in all things technology related, Jennifer is a professional musician. She has two CDs released, and in 2010 she went back into the studio to record her third release.

Elin Waring is a long time Joomla! user and former President of Open Source Matters, the non profit organization that provides legal, financial and organizational support to the Joomla! Project. In that role she led a number of initiatives ranging from writing the translation policy to obtaining a trademark for the Joomla! Brand.  She has made over 5000 posts on the Joomla! forums and wrote most of the Frequently Asked Questions for Joomla! 1.0. She is an active member of the Joomla! Bug Squad and participates in many Joomla! events.

Elin is a professor of sociology at Lehman College, City University of New York where she teachers research methods. She has published a number of books, including White Collar Crime and Criminal Careers, Crimes of the Middle Classes: White Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts, and Russian Mafia in America: Crime Immigration and Culture, and scholarly articles in the areas of white collar crime, organized crime and social organization.

Elin Waring