Robyn Ness

Robyn Ness holds a master's degree in psychology with a specialization in judgment and decision making. She currently works as a Web developer for the Section of Communications and Technology at The Ohio State University, focusing on issues of usability and content design.

John Ray

John Ray is an award-winning Web application and network developer for the Ohio State University. He holds a computer engineering degree from OSU and oversees network operations for one of its colleges. There, he implemented a campus-wide database for maintaining TCP/IP information for a wide range of networked computers. For the past five years, John has used Linux exclusively for his programming efforts and has championed its use for projects inside and outside the university. He provides Linux- and UNIX-based TCP/IP programming solutions to businesses nationwide. His other publications include Que's Red Hat Installation and Configuration Handbook, Linux Maximum Security, and Special Edition Using TCP/IP.