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Building Web Applications with UML: Web Application Basics
By Jim Conallen
Jan 17, 2003
Jim Conallen teaches you the basics about Web Applications.
Introduction to Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML
By Terry Quatrani
Jan 3, 2003
For a successful development project, you need the right process, tools, and notation. Terry Quatrani explains how UML gives you the right notation, the Rational Unified Process gives you the right process, and Rational Rose gives you the right tools to make your project a success.
Quality Process Architecture for UML-Based Projects
By Bhuvan Unhelkar
Dec 27, 2002
Learn what constitutes a quality process for software architecture, and how such a process helps to enhance quality in a UML-based project.
J2EE: An Introduction to the Rational Unified Process
By Peter Eeles, Kelli A. Houston, Wojtek Kozaczynski
Dec 20, 2002
Peter Eeles, Kelli Houston, and Wojtek Kozaczynski provide a brief introduction to the Rational Unified Process (RUP), including the software engineering best practices from which it originates, the key concepts used to describe it, and the support provided for tailoring it.
Object Modeling: The Example Teaches
By Stephen R. Palmer
Mar 8, 2002
Working with a team building an object model recently, Steve Palmer was reminded of the power of a good example. In this article, he provides two related strategies for using examples to illustrate a class diagram.
Introduction to Objects, UML, and Java
By Bruce E. Wampler
Feb 22, 2002
This chapter from The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming with Java and UML explains how you can use object orientation, UML and Java to build well-designed systems that are robust and easy to maintain.
Modeling XML Vocabularies with UML: Part III
By David Carlson
Jan 4, 2002
This article introduces a UML profile for XML schemas that allows all detailed design choices to be added to the model definition and then used to automatically generate a complete schema.
Modeling XML Vocabularies with UML: Part II
By David Carlson
Dec 28, 2001
This article presents a list of design choices and alternative approaches for mapping UML to W3C XML Schema.
Overview of the Unified Process
By Kendall Scott
Dec 28, 2001
Kendall Scott explains the Unified Process of software development, including a breakdown of the four phases within the Unified Process and the five activities, or workflows, that project workers perform.
Building Portals with XML
By David Carlson
Dec 21, 2001
the adoption of XML will enable the Web to enter a new dimension of use and usefulness. In this chapter from his book, Dave Carlson shows you how to recombine the XML information content with a presentation that is appropriate for the viewing device ...
Modeling XML Vocabularies with UML: Part I
By David Carlson
Dec 21, 2001
This article is the first of three articles on modeling XML vocabularies. Its focus on capturing the conceptual model of a vocabulary is the logical first step in the development process.
Java, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, and UML
By Paul R. Reed
Nov 30, 2001
This chapter from Developing Applications with UML and Java looks at Java as an enterprise solution for constructing and implementing industrial-strength applications that will better approximate what the sponsors intended.
Introduction to UML for Database Design
By Robert A. Maksimchuk, Eric J. Naiburg
Nov 9, 2001
With the ability of UML to design so many different visual models, you can encompass an entire application and database design using a single language that can be understood by business analysts, software developers, and database teams.
Modeling XML Applications with UML: Convergence of Communities
By David Carlson
Oct 26, 2001
This introductory chapter from Modeling XML Applications with UML: Practical e-Business Applications provides an overview of emerging e-Business Applications and examines the five stakeholders in these new e-Business models.
Introduction to the ICONIX Process of Software Modeling
By Rosen/Scott
Oct 12, 2001
If you find the Rational Unified Process too large, and Extreme Programming too small, take a look at the use case driven ICONIX process, which sits nicely in the middle.
UML Essentials, Elements, and Artifacts
By Paul Evitts
Jul 13, 2001
This sample chapter provides you with a high-level summary of the main elements and artifacts of the UML -- enough to get started with the pattern language.
Designing Visual Basic Applications Using the Rational Unified Process
By Scot Hillier
Jan 15, 2001
In this article, Scot Hillier discusses how to design successful applications using the Rational Unified Process.
Using the UML in Systems Integration
By Alan Gauld
Jan 8, 2001
Systems architect Alan Gauld discusses how the Unified Modeling Language (UML) can be applied to systems integration-type projects where very little code may be written. UML originated in the object-oriented design community but now offers tools that ...
Why the UML Is Both a Very Good Thing and a Lost Opportunity
By Alan Gauld
Jan 8, 2001
UML originated in the object-oriented design community but now offers tools that can be used in any branch of software engineering. Unfortunately, UML also faces several shortcomings as a common language for software engineers. Systems architect Alan ...
Developing UML Architecture for EAI Products
By Laura Brown
Oct 1, 2000
EAI expert Laura Brown discusses how (and why) to design your EAI product architecture using the Unified Modeling Language.

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