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RFIDs: Technology Friend or Foe?
By David Gulbransen
Apr 1, 2005
David Gulbransen takes a look at the technology behind RFIDs, what advances will mean in terms of convenience to consumers, and the potential threats to privacy that have many industry leaders concerned about the technology getting out of hand.
Learn to Be a Bulk Reseller on eBay
By Michael Miller
Mar 18, 2005
December 2004 Gadget Roundup
By Alexander Grundner
Dec 23, 2004
Alexander Grundner has sorted through all the most recent product announcements to give us a sneak peak at products available this holiday season. Looks like we'll have to pull out the largest stockings we can find.
How to Find What You Want to Buy on eBay
By Michael Miller
Dec 17, 2004
Finding something that you want on eBay is easy. Finding exactly what you're looking for, in the quality you want, and close enough to not pay a fortune in shipping is not so easy. This chapter provides helpful tips and tricks for finding just what you want on eBay.
Jurassic Hard Drive Shredders Munch Regulatory, Legal Problems
By Rebecca Rohan
Nov 12, 2004
It's a jungle out there, with old hard drives growing legs and scampering off through the trees to spread information outside your walls. But a new breed of metal-munching and drive-slashing monsters has been created to chew up your problems and cut the data leaks for as little as twelve cents a pound, and they are awesome.
Web Search: the Principle of Onions
By Tara Calishain
Sep 3, 2004
Searching the internet can be a daunting task, particularly with the internet at four billion sites and growing, but Tara Calishain offers the "Principle of Onions" to help you find the information you need more efficiently.
Creating a Home Base with My eBay
By Michael Miller
Jul 2, 2004
If you're active on eBay, it's likely you'll have more than one auction going at any one time. Just how do you keep track of all this auction activity? The best way to monitor all the auctions you're participating in is to use eBay's self-professed "best-kept secret": My eBay. Michael Miller explains.
Researching Your Purchases Before You Buy Online
By Michael Miller
Jun 18, 2004
Michael Miller offers some tips to help make your online product research more effective.
Smoke, Mirrors and Silence: The Browser Wars Reignite
By Nigel McFarlane
May 28, 2004
Think the web browser wars are over? Think again. World War I was dubbed “The Great War" and "The War To End All Wars.” Alas, that was an optimistic prediction; WWII followed in short order. The browser wars are coming back, and this time the whole World Wide Web is at risk, not just a few browsers and their vendors.
Step One to Launching Your eBay Business: Create a Business Plan
By Michael Miller
Dec 19, 2003
This act of figuring out what kind of business you'll be running is best done by preparing a business plan. If that sounds terribly formal and complicated, don't stress out—it doesn't have to be. The key thing is to set down on paper the details about the business you want to create, and then follow the steps in your plan to build that business.
Advice from a Regular eBay Seller: Keep the Clarinet
By Kelley Faler
Mar 7, 2003
In the immortal words of Cinderella, you don't know what you've got til it's gone. Kelley Faler explains how someone else's piece of junk can be quite profitable for an eBay seller who does a little research and has the luck of good timing.
Selling on eBay: How to Join Up and Get Started
By Michael Miller
Mar 7, 2003
Michael Miller gets you started with eBay basics: filling out the registration form, setting up payment options, reviewing the costs of using eBay, and getting started.
The Impact of the Internet on Higher Education
By Matthew Serbin Pittinsky
Jan 10, 2003
The Internet is enriching and reinforcing "traditional" higher education in a variety of ways. Matthew Pittinsky looks at the roots of eLearning and its potential to change the institution of the university.
Privacy Organizations and Initiatives
By Gary Bahadur, William Chan, Chris Weber
Apr 12, 2002
Find out how some organizations are fighting to protect your right to privacy, even as technology becomes steadily more invasive.
Designing for a Global Audience: Character Sets
By Eileen Mullin
Sep 7, 2001
How do you evolve your Web site to a multilingual, global presence--especially if your own foreign language skills haven’t developed past that long-forgotten, high school French or Spanish class you took? Read this article to get started.
Designing for a Global Audience: Offering Translated Content
By Eileen Mullin
Sep 7, 2001
If you’re ambitious--and serious--in your desire to offer fully multilingual versions of your Web site, this article gives you a step-by-step process for producing content in multiple languages.

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