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Make Your Web Pages Mobile-Friendly
By Ivan Pepelnjak
Jan 18, 2008
how can you transform your blog into a format that mobile visitors will find highly useful?
Use Google as Your Gateway to the Mobile Internet
By Ivan Pepelnjak
Dec 28, 2007
Use the Google Wireless Transcoder to make your web site more appealing to visitors with mobile devices.
Utilizing and Optimizing for Shopping Comparison Engines
By Liana Evans
Dec 28, 2007
Liana Evans explains how to utilize shopping comparison engines to promote your online store.
The Future of Identity
By David Chisnall
Dec 7, 2007
David Chisnall looks at the growing problem of identity theft and wonders whether the Internet can give us some ideas for addressing it.
Google Web Toolkit Solutions: Implement Drag and Drop in Your Web Apps
By David Geary, Rob Gordon
Nov 30, 2007
Find out how to easily incorporate drag and drop into your web applications.
Tricks for Promoting Your eBay Business
By Michael Miller
Nov 21, 2007
Michael Miller provides tips to help you drive customers to your eBay listings just like the pros.
Including Social Media in Your Online Marketing Strategy
By Liana Evans
Nov 9, 2007
Liana Evans explains how sites like Digg, Netscape, Flickr, or YouTube can be included in your marketing strategy.
Managing Customer Payments for Your eBay Business
By Michael Miller
Jun 22, 2007
Managing Customer Payments
Dec 18, 2006
Easy eBay: Tips for More Successful Bidding
By Michael Miller
Dec 1, 2006
How do you increase your odds of winning your auctions without overpaying for the items you win? Read this article to learn some of the most effective tricks — and become more successful on eBay!
Tips for More Successful Bidding
Jul 24, 2006
Leo Laporte's 2006 Technology Almanac: A Look into March
By Leo Laporte, Michael Miller
Mar 3, 2006
This chapter features an article a day for the month of March to help you keep current on the latest technology with a focus on home-based technology.
eBay to the Max: How to Become a PowerSeller, Trading Assistant, and Trading Post Owner
By Ron Mansfield
Dec 30, 2005
eBay developed the PowerSeller program to recognize exemplary sellers. The PowerSeller program gives you extra credibility in the eBay community itself. Buyers often have more confidence in PowerSellers, reasoning correctly that experience counts. This chapter explains the many perks of being a PowerSeller, and how to become one.
A Beginner's Guide to Shopping Online for Fun and Savings
By Sandy Berger
Nov 23, 2005
Is your Dad or Great Aunt Phyllis intimidated by shopping online? This beginner's guide will help them get up and running — and save you and them a trip to the mall.
Bidding 101: A Tutorial for Beginning eBay Bidders
By Michael Miller
Nov 11, 2005
There's a certain finesse to bidding on items on eBay, at least if you want to win. This chapter will help you get the jump on other bidders on eBay by learning when to bid, how much to bid, and what not to do when bidding.
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
By Tim Stevens
Oct 14, 2005
Create a "Now Playing" List on Your Website with Winamp and Java Servlets
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Jun 24, 2005
So you've got your Winamp-powered Internet radio station up and running, and you want to let your website visitors know what song you are currently playing. With the free Now Playing Winamp plug-in and this article, it's easy to do just that.
The Latest Salvo in the Spam Wars Appears in the Blogosphere: nofollow
By Dave Taylor
Jun 24, 2005
There's a new HTML attribute in town called "nofollow" that's supposed to prevent weblog spam. In this article you'll learn about weblog spam, what the "nofollow" tag is, and how it might or might not help the situation.
Recycling Computer Parts: The Adventures of "K"
By Wendy Wolfson
Apr 29, 2005
Wondering what to do with that ancient microwave oven that you're finally ready to replace with something a bit more modern? A trip to the curb may actually be the best method of discarding used computer (and other) equipment, if your community recycles. Or perhaps a reuse list could help someone in need of those minivan seats, left behind in the garage before the vehicle was wrecked during last weekend's shopping trip. Wendy Wolfson takes a look at the possibilities.
The New York State of Wine: e-Commerce Reaches the Supreme Court
By Richard Santalesa
Apr 22, 2005
What's wine got to do with e-commerce? More than you might think at first blush. Two cases currently before the Supreme Court may signal how the high court approaches future online sales-related disputes between states.

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