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2011 Social Media Directory: Entertainment
By Jeffery A. Riley
Sep 6, 2010
This chapter highlights the best of the social media resources for the entertainment industry from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the web at large.
A Beginner's Guide to Shopping Online for Fun and Savings
By Sandy Berger
Nov 23, 2005
Is your Dad or Great Aunt Phyllis intimidated by shopping online? This beginner's guide will help them get up and running — and save you and them a trip to the mall.
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
By Tim Stevens
Oct 14, 2005
Advice from a Regular eBay Seller: Keep the Clarinet
By Kelley Faler
Mar 7, 2003
In the immortal words of Cinderella, you don't know what you've got til it's gone. Kelley Faler explains how someone else's piece of junk can be quite profitable for an eBay seller who does a little research and has the luck of good timing.
An Introduction to Google's O3D
By Matthew Casperson
Jul 15, 2009
A new project from Google called O3D is attempting to create an open standard for displaying 3D objects in a web page. JavaScript developers can learn how to take the Web to a new dimension with Matthew Casperson's introductory look at this free and powerful plug-in.
Bidding 101: A Tutorial for Beginning eBay Bidders
By Michael Miller
Nov 11, 2005
There's a certain finesse to bidding on items on eBay, at least if you want to win. This chapter will help you get the jump on other bidders on eBay by learning when to bid, how much to bid, and what not to do when bidding.
Capturing Audio Notes in Evernote
By Katherine Murray
Mar 2, 2012
Katherine Murray shows you how to record, save, and manage audio notes in Evernote, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
Choosing eBay Shipping Options
By Michael Miller
May 31, 2011
Selling an item on eBay is relatively easy; shipping it out safely (and without costing an arm and a leg) can be much harder. Michael Miller shows you how to choose eBay shipping options — and make shipping a less painful experience.
Claiming Your Google Places Page
By Bud E. Smith
Nov 18, 2010
In this lesson, you learn how to find your Google Places page, or start a new one if Google hasn't done so. You then learn how to add or edit your business information and how to verify your Google Places listing to gain exclusive access to it.
Cloud Computing Pros and Cons for End Users
By Michael Miller
Feb 13, 2009
Michael Miller explains which users can benefit from cloud applications — and which should steer clear.
Comparing Google Docs with Competing Cloud Computing Applications
By Michael Miller
Feb 9, 2009
Michael Miller compares Google Docs with several other web-based applications — and tells us which apps come out on top.
Computing in the Cloud
By Mark Edward Soper
Jun 15, 2009
Mark Edward Soper provides an introduction to the world of web-based apps: how to select them, how to use them, and how to avoid problems.
Connecting Your TV to the Internet: InformIT's Guide to Set-Top Boxes
By Ryan Faas
Nov 29, 2010
Apple TV? Google TV? Roku? Ryan Faas examines the top options that should be on your list of possibilities for streaming audio and video to your home TV, pointing out the pros and cons of each system.
Connecting, Communicating, and Collaborating with LinkedIn Groups
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Dec 14, 2010
Patrice-Anne Rutledge shows you how to make the most of the new changes to LinkedIn Groups, including how to find a job or promote your business through strategic group participation.
Create a "Now Playing" List on Your Website with Winamp and Java Servlets
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Jun 24, 2005
So you've got your Winamp-powered Internet radio station up and running, and you want to let your website visitors know what song you are currently playing. With the free Now Playing Winamp plug-in and this article, it's easy to do just that.
Creating a Home Base with My eBay
By Michael Miller
Jul 2, 2004
If you're active on eBay, it's likely you'll have more than one auction going at any one time. Just how do you keep track of all this auction activity? The best way to monitor all the auctions you're participating in is to use eBay's self-professed "best-kept secret": My eBay. Michael Miller explains.
Creating Sequence Diagrams with Google Docs Drawings
By John Wheeler
Jan 19, 2011
John Wheeler's step-by-step tutorial shows how easily you can use Google Docs Drawings to create detailed drawings, despite the application's fairly minimal-looking features.
December 2004 Gadget Roundup
By Alexander Grundner
Dec 23, 2004
Alexander Grundner has sorted through all the most recent product announcements to give us a sneak peak at products available this holiday season. Looks like we'll have to pull out the largest stockings we can find.
Defining Your Web Marketing Strategy
By Michael Miller
Aug 25, 2010
Michael Miller, author of The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, discusses how to select the proper components for your web marketing strategy.
Designing for a Global Audience: Character Sets
By Eileen Mullin
Sep 7, 2001
How do you evolve your Web site to a multilingual, global presence--especially if your own foreign language skills haven’t developed past that long-forgotten, high school French or Spanish class you took? Read this article to get started.

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