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MCSE Windows 2000 Server (Exam 70-215) Practice Exam
By Joseph Phillips
Jul 26, 2002
This series of quizzes tests your knowledge of Windows 2000 Server in preparation for MCSE exam #70-215. Think you're ready to sit the live exam? Start here first.
Application Development Using C# and .NET
By Robert J. Oberg, Michael Stiefel
Jun 28, 2002
Using a simple program, this overview of Microsoft .Net discusses how its features address and solve the problems the tech community faces today. Learn how Common Language Runtime (CLR) works with .Net to build powerful applications.
Analyzing, Configuring, and Monitoring Windows NT 4.0 Security
By Jim Cooper, Dennis Maione, Roberta Bragg
Apr 5, 2002
A wide variety of advanced topics from MCSE Exam 70-244 are covered in this article. The concept that binds them all together is that of security.
.NET Application Development
By Richard Grimes
Mar 15, 2002
In this sample chapter from Developing Applications with Visual Studio.NET, Richard Grimes discusses the issues that will arise when you come to develop .NET applications.
Now What? — How I Earned the MCSE-W2K
By Warren E. Wyrostek
Jan 25, 2002
Now what? There are many paths to Microsoft's Windows 2000 MCSE. This is the path one IT professional took to this premier certification.
Exam Prep Software: Learning by Doing
By Joseph Phillips
Jan 4, 2002
Several different exam simulation software packages are available — but which one to choose? Joe Phillips shows you the ropes of several software packages, and shares his likes and dislikes.
Microsoft’s Change of Heart on MCSE
By Ed Tittel
Dec 21, 2001
On October 11, 2001, Microsoft reversed its original policy of expiring Windows NT 4.0 MCSEs on 12/31/2001 and introduced MCSE versions for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. They also introduced a new certification: MCSA, or Microsoft Certified System ...
Now What? — A Case for Certification
By Warren E. Wyrostek
Nov 20, 2001
Now what? Which is the correct path: certification or a university degree? This is a question all IT professionals struggle with. This article gives you a recommendation from an IT trainer/professional.
Say Hello to Another "New and Improved" MCSE Program
By Ed Tittel
Nov 9, 2001
Want the latest scoop on Microsoft certifications? Ed Tittel talks about the MCSA, upcoming developer cert changes, and deciding between Windows 2000 versus Windows XP/Server .NET exams.
Planning and Deploying Clients
By Roberta Bragg
Sep 28, 2001
This sample chapter covers the Microsoft-specified objectives for the Deploying, Configuring, and Troubleshooting the Client Computer section of the Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 exam.
Cut the Mustard: Pass the SMS Exam
By Joseph Phillips
Sep 21, 2001
Systems Management Server got you worried? Considering adding the SMS elective to your MCSE repertoire? This article acts as a guide to help ease the pain and suffering of prepping for the SMS exam.
Financing Your Certification
By Kate Knight
Sep 14, 2001
Certification doesn't come cheap. This article from Certification Magazine looks at typical costs and ways to pay for them.
Introducing the Domain Name Service (DNS)
By Dave Bixler
Sep 14, 2001
Dave Bixler describes DNS and how it make it easier for a user to find IP-based resources.
Certified Paths to Success
By Drew Bird
Sep 7, 2001
With so many types of certification programs available, which one is the "right" one for you? This article from Certification Magazine looks at one of the first considerations: choosing a vendor-neutral or vender-specific certification.
Now What? – The First Steps into IT
By Warren E. Wyrostek
Sep 7, 2001
The key to breaking into any profession is being able to ask the right questions. Asking "Now what?" can help you break into the booming IT market. This article shows you the way.
Certification Starting Points
By Lance Starr
Sep 2, 2001
Get the rundown on the most popular and most useful certification programs, from MCSE to CCIE, in this article from Certification Magazine.
New Windows Means New Windows Certifications, Right?
By Ed Tittel
Aug 13, 2001
Wondering what certifications will be affected by the upcoming new Windows operating systems? Find out in this article by Ed Tittel.
Exchange 2000 Exam 70-224
By Joseph Phillips
Aug 13, 2001
Considering Exam 70-224: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server? This exam will require an advanced knowledge of Exchange, hands-on experience, and hard work. Read this article to get started on your certification.
Why the MCSE is for Starters
By Joseph Phillips
Jul 30, 2001
Are you content with being just an MCSE, or will you take up the challenge and move onto other certifications? Do you agree with me that more certifications are necessary? Let's discuss it!
Be a Professional: Pass MCSE Exam 70-210 With Ease
By Joseph Phillips
Jun 29, 2001
Ready to start your trek for the MCSE title in Windows 2000? This series of articles on the MCSE 2000 exams by expert Joseph Phillips will map out the exam objectives, guide you around exam pitfalls, and offer plenty of help for your studying hours ...

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