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Gathering Information and Analyzing Requirements in Active Directory
By Dennis Scheil, Diana Bartley
Jul 4, 2003
Learn how to effectively design an Active Directory infrastructure. You will explore the various means of gathering and analyzing business and technical requirements, and you will learn how to assess the impact of Active Directory.
Security Accounts and Policies in Windows 2000 Professional
By Dan Balter, Dan Holme, Todd Logan, Laurie Salmon
Jul 4, 2003
Learn how to implement, monitor, and troubleshoot security accounts and policies in Windows 2000 Professional. You will learn how to manage user and group accounts, Active Directory, and policy on your way to a better understanding of Windows 2000 Professional.
Handling Exceptions in the .NET Framework
By Kirk Hausman
Jun 27, 2003
Look at two facets in dealing with exceptions in .NET. You will first see the programming you can use to handle errors, and then you will see how to use validation techniques to prevent bad data from being entered into your application in the first place.
MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-320): .NET Remoting
By Amit Kalani
Jun 27, 2003
Familiarize yourself with the remoting library of the .NET Framework and begin working toward creating a remotable class and hosting that class in several modes. You will also see the use of a configuration file to configure the remoting configuration for a remoting host and the remoting client.
Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Access to Resources in Windows 2000 Server
By James Michael Stewart, Ed Tittel
Jun 20, 2003
Become well versed in the processes of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting access to resources that a Windows 2000 Server has to offer. You will learn how to do each of these things in relation to interoperability and how to control shared files and printer access.
Designing Framework Applications: Using Design Patterns with VS.NET Framework Applications
By Dan Fox
May 16, 2003
Object-oriented design patterns and architectural patterns can simplify the often daunting task of designing and developing software. Dan Fox explores how pattern sets can speed up software development and require less code.
Pass the MCAD/MCSD: Learning to Access and Manipulate XML Data
By Amit Kalani
May 9, 2003
XML is pervasive in .NET. In order to pass the MCAD/MCSD Exam(70-320): Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual C# .NET and the .NET Framework, you need to know XML, starting with this section on accessing and manipulating XML data.
Writing Windows Forms Applications in Visual Studio .NET 2003
By Jason Beres
Apr 25, 2003
By using the tools and controls in Visual Studio .NET, learn how to write user-friendly Windows Forms by exploring forms, controls, events, and inheritance.
MCSE Windows 2000 Exam Cram 2 (Exam 70-217): Implementing and Administering DNS
By David Watts, J. Peter Bruzzese, Ed Tittel, Will Willis
Apr 11, 2003
Master the Microsoft-specified objectives for the Implementing and Administering DNS section in the MCSE Windows 2000 Exam 70-217.
MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-310): .NET Remoting
By Mike Gunderloy
Apr 4, 2003
This sample chapter covers Microsoft-specified objectives from the "Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework" exam.
MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-316): Error Handling for the User Interface
By Amit Kalani
Mar 21, 2003
This sample chapter covers creating and implementing custom error messages and handlers, along with raising and handling errors, for the Creating User Services section of the Visual Basic .NET Windows-Based Applications exam.
MCAD/MCSD: Implementing Navigation for the User Interface
By Amit Kalani
Mar 14, 2003
Brush up on your navigation implementation and look at the Microsoft-specified objectives for the Creating User Services section of Exam 70-315, Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
MCAD/MCSD: Error Handling for the User Interface
By Mike Gunderloy
Feb 14, 2003
This sample chapter covers the Microsoft-specified objectives for the Creating User Services section of the Visual Basic .NET Windows-Based Applications exam.
What's New in SQL Server 2000 - Second Edition
By Paul Bertucci, Paul Jensen, Ray Rankins
Feb 14, 2003
Discover the enhancements and long-awaited features now available in SQL Server 2000, along with how it interacts with the .NET framework.
MCSA and Internet Information Services
By Gord Barker, Robert L. Bogue, Will Schmied
Jan 24, 2003
This sample chapter addresses the information you're expected to know about Internet Information Services for the MCSA exam.
MCSE Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Design: Analyzing Technical Requirements
By Dave Bixler
Jan 10, 2003
This chapter covers Microsoft-specified objectives for the Analyzing Technical Requirements section of the Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure exam.
MCSA Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment: Active Directory Structure
By Kirk Hausman
Jan 3, 2003
This chapter covers the physical and logical structure of Active Directory deployment scenarios, as well as a basic understanding of the uses of each level of grouping in the centralized administration over widely distributed resources.
By Matthew David
Jan 1, 2003
Now What? — A Certification Resource List for Self-Study Career Changers
By Warren E. Wyrostek
Sep 6, 2002
Now what? I want to change careers and enter IT, but I don't have the funds to enroll in instructor-led courses. Is it possible to get certified through self-study? If so, which certifications should I pursue, and what are the resources I should use? Warren Wyrostek addresses these questions, and lists relevant resources that he recommends for self-study.
MCSE Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure (Exam 70-216) Practice Exam
By Joseph Phillips
Aug 9, 2002
This series of quizzes tests your knowledge of Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure in preparation for MCSE exam #70-216. Think you're ready to sit the live exam? Start here first.

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