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Forming and Managing an Incident Response Team
By E. Eugene Schultz, Russell Shumway
Mar 22, 2002
This sample chapter delves into forming and managing an incident response team - what a response team is, the rationale for forming an incident response team, major issues that must be addressed, and special management considerations.
Securing the Sun Fire™15K System Controller
By Sun Microsystems
Feb 22, 2002
This article explains how the Solaris™ Operating Environment (Solaris OE) image that runs on the System Controller (SC) should be configured for secured environments, and what additional software should be installed.
Sizing Sun Ray™ Servers Running Windows Applications with SunPCi™ IIpro Coprocessor Cards
By Sun Microsystems
Feb 22, 2002
This article discusses developing a methodology for sizing a server that supports end users running both Solaris OE based applications and wintel applications. Read on for details on integrating the necessary software components on one server.
Sniffer Proof Your Network - Protecting the Active Directory
By Roberta Bragg
Feb 22, 2002
Wouldn't it be nice if there was some utility that would sit in the background and automatically negotiate secure, encrypted sessions whenever it was necessary? There is! Roberta Bragg introduces you to IPSec policies in this article.
Secure Backup: Protecting Your Data
By Aviel D. Rubin
Feb 1, 2002
Backup is one of the most overlooked processes when it comes to site security. Yet it is crucial to recovering from loss due to accidental or malicious failure. This case study describes the proper design of a remote backup system.
VPNs and VPN Technologies
By Andrew Mason
Jan 4, 2002
This sample chapter defines virtual private networks (VPNs) and explores fundamental Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) technologies.
Configuring the Cisco PIX Firewall for CA Site-to-Site
By Andrew Mason
Dec 28, 2001
This sample chapter explains how to configure Cisco Secure PIX Firewall certificate authority (CA) support for Internet Protocol Security (IPSec). The chapter shows you each major step of the configuration, including support tasks, IKE, and IPSec.
Detecting Signs of Intrusion
By Julia H. Allen
Dec 28, 2001
This sample chapter should help you detect intrusions by looking for unexpected or suspicious behavior and "fingerprints" of known intrusion methods.
Telecommunications: In War and Peace
By Lillian Goleniewski
Dec 28, 2001
The world is at war against a network of terrorists. Lillian Goleniewski examines the role of telecommunications in that context and tells why understanding its role and potential is paramount to national, business, and personal survival.
Securing the Corporate Network
By Andrew Mason, Mark Newcomb
Dec 21, 2001
Authenticate your dial-in users using your local database, and make sure your AAA is in place-- that's authentication, authorization, and accounting.
Computer Forensics: Tracking an Offender
By Jay G. Heiser, Warren G. Kruse II
Nov 30, 2001
Learn to collect and analyze evidence found in a compromised computer system.
Physical Security
By Aron Hsiao
Nov 20, 2001
Physical security refers to aspects of computer security that have to do with the physical placement of the machine itself, the machine's operating environment, and the degree to which the machine is protected from hardware-level compromise.
Building a Roadmap for Securing Your Enterprise
By Greg Shipley
Nov 16, 2001
This sample chapter from Maximum Security describes the basics of creating a pro-active information security plan, including the elimination of vulnerability points and the implementation of self-audit mechanisms.
Monitoring Tools
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
Pat Eyler covers two of the best free tools for monitoring your Linux network[md]Ethereal and mon.

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