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Cisco IP Telephony Flash Cards: Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
By Kevin Wallace
Nov 24, 2004
This chapter provides an overvew of Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) for Cisco IP Telephony, including Question & Answer flash cards to help you prepare for the Cisco IP Telephony Exam.
CCNP Exam Cram: Extending IP Addresses
By Michael J. Shannon
Feb 27, 2004
Michael Shannon focuses on some of the solutions and mechanisms the Cisco professional is expected to know to help decrease the routing table size as well as create a more hierarchical addressing scheme.
Haven't We Been Here Before? A Case for IP Telephony
By Kevin Brown
Feb 13, 2004
In this sample chapter, Kevin Brown explains why a PBX, despite its high reliability, is not a solution for convergence.
CCNP BSCI Exam: Using OSPF Across Multiple Areas
By Clare Gough
Apr 25, 2003
Offering Bundled Voice and Data Services
By James F. Durkin
Oct 11, 2002
Demystifying Convergence and VoIP
By Anne Smith
Aug 9, 2002
Convergence eliminates the need for duplicate hardware and special vendors. Learn how Voice over IP (VoIP) uses the Internet Protocol to deliver voice traffic over a converged network.
Should You Speech-enable Your Web Site?
By James A. Larson
Aug 9, 2002
Consider speech-enabling your Web site so that callers can access your Web site almost instantly at any time from wherever they are without being placed on hold. Explore this new technology in this first of a five-part series.
Cisco OSPF Route Redistribution
By William R. Parkhurst
Jul 5, 2002
Use this complete reference to Cisco OSPF commands next time your network needs route redistribution. Ten example scenarios clearly illustrate the purpose, syntax, and usage of each command.
Make the Right Call: Cisco's AVVID
By Robert Richardson
Jun 21, 2002
Robert Richardson discusses the pros and cons of Cisco's AVVID — what the industry's been talking about all along for pure IP convergence: smart IP phones plugged into an Ethernet network full of conventional switches and routers. Plenty of issues need to be ironed out, though.
Voice, IP, and ATM MPLS Features
By Tracy L Thorpe
May 17, 2002
This chapter presents the Cisco Voice Interworking Service Module set of features and the solutions provided by this voice card, including Voice Over AAL2, Voice over ATM, and Voice over IP networks.
Understanding the Telecommunications Revolution
By Lillian Goleniewski
Dec 28, 2001
The new multimedia realm is allowing us to include vital physical cues in the information stream, introducing a physical reality into the world of electronic communications, goods, and services.
Protocol Interoperability and VoIP Performance
By Bill Douskalis
Nov 9, 2001
Bill Douskalis discusses the challenges of achieving signaling protocol interoperability in wide-area packet networks for support of voice telephony.
Fundamentals of Voice over Frame Relay
By Brian Morgan
Sep 11, 2000
This article serves as both a basic and not-so-basic overview of some of the technologies behind Voice over Frame Relay (a primer of sorts).

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