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Zfone: Secure Cross-Platform Voice Communication for Linux
By A. Lizard
May 5, 2009
A.Lizard provides details on how to get and use Zfone for Ubuntu or Debian Linux.
The Doctor Will See You Now: Transforming Healthcare with IP Video
By Felicia Brych Dalke, Jennifer C. Baker, Mike Mitchell, Nader Nanjiani
Mar 19, 2009
Learn how healthcare organizations are using video to transform the healthcare industry.
The Communications Renaissance
By Joe Schurman
Feb 27, 2009
Joe Schurman explains where Microsoft fits in with the future of voice-based communication and collaboration technology.
Digital Systems and VLSI
By Wayne Wolf
Feb 18, 2009
Wayne Wolf explains why integrated circuits are a key technology for a whole host of innovative devices and systems that have changed the way we live.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 3)
By Eric Geier
Dec 26, 2008
Eric Geier shows you how to manage multiple networks with one account using OpenDNS.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 2)
By Eric Geier
Dec 19, 2008
Eric Geier continues his guide on using OpenDNS, a free Domain Name System (DNS) service that helps provide a safer, faster, smarter, and more reliable Internet.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 1)
By Eric Geier
Dec 12, 2008
Eric Geier helps you configure your router and the OpenDNS service so you’ll experience a safer, faster, smarter, and more reliable Internet.
Discovering More Ways to Share on Your Windows Network
By Eric Geier
Oct 31, 2008
Discover three must-have accessories for your network if you want to seriously share files, printers, and media.
Enhancing Your Network with Voice and Video Gadgets
By Eric Geier
Oct 24, 2008
Eric Geier covers accessories and gadgets you can use to enhance your wired or WiFi network.
VoIP Threat Taxonomy
By Patrick Park
Sep 24, 2008
This chapter categorizes the main threats against VoIP service and explains their impact and possible methods of protection.
CCNA ICND2 Exam Guide: Troubleshooting IP Routing
By Wendell Odom
Jul 10, 2008
This troubleshooting chapter explains ping and traceroute commands, troubleshooting the packet forwarding process, and provides troubleshooting tools and tips.
CCNA Portable Command Guide: IPv6
By Scott Empson
Jul 1, 2008
This chapter provides information and commands concerning a number of IPv6-related topics.
CCNP ISCW Exam Guide: GRE Tunneling over Ipsec
By Brian Morgan, Neil Lovering
Jun 24, 2008
This chapter talks about the use of GRE in an IPsec environment and how that relates to the CCNP ISCW exam.
VoWLAN Applications and Benefits
By Jim Geier
Jun 2, 2008
This chapter describes various applications of Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) systems. Real-world examples and case studies provide you with a solid understanding of how VoWLAN can benefit a company. Details are also given about tangible benefits and expected return on investment (ROI).
Designing IP-Based Video Conferencing Systems: Dealing with Lip Synchronization
By Scott Firestone, Steve Fry, Thiya Ramalingam
Dec 7, 2007
Learn how to realign the audio and video streams at the receiver to correct lip sync skew.
Basic IP Connectivity and Troubleshooting in Cisco Express Forwarding
By Nakia Stringfield, Stacia McKee, Russ White
Oct 26, 2007
This chapter helps you verify whether CEF is the root cause of a particular IP connectivity problem.
Border Gateway Protocol, Route Manipulation, and IP Multicast
By Anthony Bruno, Steve Jordan
Oct 26, 2007
Prepare for the CCDA exam by reviewing BGP, Route Manipulation, and IP Multicast.
Top Ten YouTube Tips and Tricks
By Michael Miller
Oct 19, 2007
Michael Miller shares ten tips and tricks to help you better view and share YouTube videos.
VoWLAN Applications and Benefits
By Jim Geier
Oct 5, 2007
Jim Geier describes various applications of Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) systems.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 5: Voice XML Meets Web 2.0
By Frank Coyle
Sep 14, 2007
Voice XML lets you pull and push Web-based information to your users wherever they may roam.

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