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GNOME Interview
By Pat Eyler
Jul 13, 2001
Pat Eyler interviews Jacob Berkman and Jamin Gray about GNOME 1.4 and new free software product releases.
GNU or Linux?
By David Chisnall
May 11, 2009
David Chisnall looks at the reasoning for the GNU/Linux name and asks whether it's justified.
Has UNIX Programming Changed in 20 Years?
By Marc J. Rochkind
May 28, 2004
With the publication of Advanced UNIX Programming, Second Edition, Marc Rochkind takes a look at what has changed in the 20 years since he wrote the first edition.
Hosting an LDAP Server in VMWare
By Stephen B. Morris
May 30, 2008
Stephen Morris shows how you can all get productive with virtualized Linux and LDAP servers.
Implementing Security, Part II: Hardening Your UNIX/Linux Servers
By Joseph Dries
Jun 15, 2001
In this second of two articles on implementing security processes, Joseph Dries discusses UNIX/Linux hardening, protecting your servers from network-based TCP/IP attacks, and utilizing centralized logging servers.
By Gerald Carter
Oct 1, 2000
Samba expert Jerry Carter looks at the Imprints architecture, a project to implement a UNIX equivalent of the Windows NT APW.
Inside the Everex gPC: A Look at How Far $200 and a Trip to Wal-Mart Can Get You
By Seth Fogie
Nov 16, 2007
Seth Fogie examines and reports on the gPC, the latest sub-$200 computer to hit the market.
Inside the Symbian Kernel
By David Chisnall
Apr 26, 2010
David Chisnall takes a look at the design of the recently open-sourced Symbian operating system and what makes it special.
Inside Your OS: What is a Process Scheduler, and How Does it Work?
By David Chisnall
Jan 25, 2008
David Chisnall examines the conflicting requirements for a good process scheduler.
Installing and Configuring TrueCrypt for Full Disk Encryption
By Randy Nash
Nov 24, 2008
Security expert Randy Nash describes how he deployed a FDE solution using the free, cross-platform, and open-source solution from TrueCrypt.
Installing Fedora
By Bill Ball, Hoyt Duff
Jan 16, 2004
Bill Ball and Hoyt Duff show how to do a basic installation of Fedora Core with a step-by-step walk through of a sample installation.
Installing Fedora 5
By Andrew Hudson, Paul Hudson
Sep 29, 2006
Andrew and Paul Hudson show you how to get a basic installation of Fedora up and running. You will learn how to start installation, as well as specify certain configuration options during the install. But first, they'll tell you what to consider before you even insert the disc.
Installing Linux on the PlayStation 3
By Matthew Scarpino
Oct 22, 2008
Matthew Scarpino explains how to install Linux on the PlayStation 3.
Installing OpenSUSE 11: Not Ready for Prime Time
By A. Lizard
Oct 13, 2008
A.Lizard explains how to install OpenSUSE 11 with KDE 4, pointing out the good and bad (mostly bad) points of this distribution in its current form.
Installing SUSELinux
By Michael McCallister
Dec 22, 2005
Installing SUSE Linux is a simple process. The SUSE Linux YaST application (Yet another Setup Tool) walks you through the process, detects and configures your hardware, and generally takes charge. In this chapter, you learn how to complete a basic installation of SUSE Linux using the CDs included with the book.
Installing the Linux Business Desktop
By Marcel Gagné
Nov 5, 2004
In this chapter, you'll learn how to set up the various distributions of the Linux Business Desktop. For the Linux novice, this is an invaluable guide.
Installing Ubuntu
By Paul Hudson, Andrew Hudson
Sep 7, 2007
Andrew and Paul Hudson cover how to get started with the Ubuntu install disc.
Installing ZENworks Linux Management
By Ron Tanner, Richard Whitehead
Dec 1, 2005
This chapter provides a walk-through on getting all the components of ZENworks Linux Management working in your environment. You always need to install a ZENworks primary server first, and then you can install agent components and secondary servers in any order you desire.
Integrating Linux Into Your Windows Environment
By Stephen B. Morris
May 21, 2008
Stephen Morris describes how easy it is to use Linux in a Windows environment — and how doing so can save money and teach you a thing or two.
Introduction to "The Official Ubuntu Server Book, 3rd Edition"
By Benjamin Mako Hill, Kyle Rankin
Sep 4, 2013
Benjamin "Mako" Hill and Kyle Rankin provide some background on FOSS, Ubuntu, and Ubuntu server as an introduction to the 3rd edition of The Official Ubuntu Server Book.

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