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Working with Office 2013 RT Graphics on the Microsoft Surface Tablet
By Paul McFedries
May 29, 2013
In this chapter, you’ll learn various techniques for drawing, inserting, and working with graphic objects, such as lines, photos, and clip art.
Building Basic Formulas in Excel 2013
By Paul McFedries
May 21, 2013
This chapter takes you through some formula basics, including constructing simple arithmetic and text formulas, understanding the all-important topic of operator precedence, copying and moving worksheet formulas, and making formulas easier to build and read by taking advantage of range names.
Managing and Sharing Office 2013 Files
By Joe Habraken
May 17, 2013
This chapter looks at the Office file formats used in each of the Office 2013 applications. It also looks at your options for managing and sharing files.
Getting Data onto a Sheet in Excel 2013
By Tracy Syrstad
May 13, 2013
This chapter provides tricks for copying down data, fixing entered data, and helping your users enter data correctly by providing a predefined list of entries for Excel 2013 users.
Why Use Microsoft Access?
By Alison Balter
May 10, 2013
This chapter explains what a relational database is. It then explores all the types of objects available in Microsoft Access.
Working with Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013
By Steve Johnson, . Perspection Inc.
May 8, 2013
This chapter explains your options for creating formulas in Excel across the whole spectrum from basic entries to more complex ones.
Creating Charts in Excel 2013 That Show Trends
By Bill Jelen
May 3, 2013
In this chapter Bill Jelen explains Excel 2013's chart options and continues by showing how to best take advantage of them.
Working with Text Microsoft Office 2013
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge, Sherry Kinkoph Gunter
May 2, 2013
This chapter explains the text-formatting options that are common to all Office 2013 applications.
Formatting Documents in Word 2013
By Steve Johnson, . Perspection Inc.
May 1, 2013
Learn how to add the kinds of finishing touches to your document to change it from ordinary to eye-catching.
Working with Fields and Forms in Word 2013
By Faithe Wempen
Apr 30, 2013
This chapter shows how fields work in Microsoft Word 2013 and how to insert them. You'll also find out how to use form fields to create forms.
Calculating the Power of the F Test
By Conrad Carlberg
Apr 11, 2013
Conrad Carlberg shows how to calculate the power of the F test directly and avoid relying on the power charts in the appendices of statistics texts.
The Concept of Statistical Power
By Conrad Carlberg
Apr 11, 2013
Conrad Carlberg spells out the real meaning of the term statistical power. He describes how to use it to help design a statistical analysis, design your hypotheses, and decide on a sample size that's large enough without being wasteful.
The Noncentrality Parameter in the F Distribution
By Conrad Carlberg
Apr 11, 2013
Conrad Carlberg shows how to calculate the noncentrality parameter. He also shows how to use it with the probability density function to create Excel charts that display the shape of noncentral F distributions.
The Statistical Power of t-Tests
By Conrad Carlberg
Apr 11, 2013
Conrad Carlberg shows how changing the nature of hypotheses, increasing the sample size, and using a dependent groups design progressively increase the power of the more basic t-test.
Customizing an Excel 2013 Pivot Table
By Bill Jelen, Michael Alexander
Mar 12, 2013
This chapter covers six functional areas in making pivot table customization: Minor Cosmetic Changes, Layout Changes, Major Cosmetic Changes, Summary Calculations, Advanced Calculations, and Other (less common) Options.
How Excel's LINEST() Handles Collinearity
By Conrad Carlberg
Mar 5, 2013
Excel expert Conrad Carlberg discusses the implications of the manner in which LINEST() implements QR decomposition for its results—implications which are largely undocumented and which involve the unannounced removal of a variable from the regression equation.
Working with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2013
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Mar 4, 2013
This chapter introduces SmartArt Graphics and shows how you can insert and modify them in your PowerPoint 2013 documents.
Adding Art to Documents in Office 2013
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
Mar 1, 2013
This chapter shows how you can add pictures, charts, and other graphics to spruce up your Office 2013 documents.
Excel's LINEST() Function Deconstructed
By Conrad Carlberg
Feb 25, 2013
For the user to fully understand how LINEST() calculates its results, it is necessary to walk through the individual calculations, starting with the coefficients, moving to the sums of squares and ending with the standard errors. This article discusses the required calculations and shows how they can be carried out directly on the worksheet using just a smattering of Excel's matrix functions.
Excel 2013 VBA and Macros: Referring to Ranges
By Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad
Feb 21, 2013
This chapter shows you different ways of referring to ranges such as specifying a row or column. You also find out how to manipulate cells based on the active cell and how to create a new range from overlapping ranges.

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