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Introduction to Testing Object-Oriented Software
By John D. McGregor, David A. Sykes
Oct 19, 2001
Testing object-oriented software is different from testing procedural software. This introduction to the book, The Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software, explains the authors' philosophies behind object-oriented software testing.
The Business Case for Components
By John Williams
Oct 12, 2001
As an IT professional, you need a high-quality business case to successfully deploy component technology at the enterprise level. In this chapter, the author reviews three different models for building your business case.
The Design of Component-Based Systems
By Kurt Wallnau
Oct 12, 2001
This chapter from Building Systems from Commercial Components illustrates the authors' approach to the design of component-based systems through a model problem.
Designing with Idiom
By Mark Van Harmelen
Jul 19, 2001
Idiom is an object model based interactive system design method that supports the design of system scope, content, functionality, and interactivity. This chapter from Object Modeling and User Inferface Design describes the current version of Idiom.
UML Essentials, Elements, and Artifacts
By Paul Evitts
Jul 13, 2001
This sample chapter provides you with a high-level summary of the main elements and artifacts of the UML -- enough to get started with the pattern language.
Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming
By Doug Lea
May 25, 2001
Learn how concurrency and objects fit together, how the resulting design forces impact construction of classes and components, and how some common design patterns can be used to structure solutions.
The Mechanics of COM+
By Tim Ewald
Mar 6, 2001
If you want to apply COM+ successfully, you need to know more about how contexts work. This chapter from Transactional COM+ looks at the basic mechanics of contexts.
Visual Basic and OOP: The Next Generation
By Bob Reselman
Jun 12, 2000
In this article, Bob Reselman describes the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) enhancements that are planned for Visual Basic version 7. Not only does Bob show how these new features pertain to standard OOP practice, but he also describes how they are ...

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